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Change back to free viewing Pretty Little Liars Online & App without a cable provider.


I don't think ABCfamily understands that we live in the age of the internet.  We stream, netflix, hulu, vudu, amazon and redbox. 

Cable is luxury that most can not afford.  They choose internet and streaming from netlix for 8 dollars a month. 

This is a bad move on ABCfamily's part.  Your viewers are speaking out...are you listening?

You're ratings will go down, you will loose viewers, you will have viewers watching it live off some site that shows it, viewers will download torrents, viewers will pay some site very little dollars a month that show the episodes or worse just say forget it.

We are the age of streaming, the age of internet, the age of no cable, the age of apps, tablets and phones.

You are throwing out the millions of viewers who made this show what it is today.  If there wasn't this huge following, there would be no Pretty Little Liars.  You have viewers with cable who can't watch online because the service isn't provided or you ABCfamily don't have every single provider around the world listed.  What about the viewers in other countries?  Are you hearing your viewers or sending auto robot messages, because your viewers don't feel you are hearing them and sending them scripted messages.

ABCfamily is even making it's most massive social fan pages very upset, most of the admins watch online.  You are giving up free promotion by word of mouth. These pages bring in new viewers.  Of course you're recent viewers bring in more viewers too. That will stop. Are you hearing your viewers yet?

Most of all these viewers have stuck out almost 4 seasons of ups and downs with this show.  It has had great episodes and bad ones. We love it and we hate it.  The direction may not be what we like or maybe we love it, but one thing for sure is that these viewers have stood by this show, waiting for the mystery to be solved.  Invested in the show, the characters, the writers and also ended up watching shows such as the spin off Ravenswood (which some have yet to start watching, they were going to start considering all the tie ins from the show to PLL, but don't count on that now) they started watching shows that came before Ravenswood such as The Lying Game, Twisted, Switched at Birth, Make it or Break it, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, etc.

Your viewers have stuck by you.  ABCfamily....will you stick with them?



*****No Email so far found direct to the president of ABC Television Group but here is a address for the company.

Anne Sweeney President, Disney-ABC Television Group 47 W. 66th St. New York, NY 10023-6290

Link to bio of President of the ABC Television Group:

Link to other contact info for ATC as well:



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