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Stop abc bias: Reinstate Catalyst Reporter and Programs Wi-Fried and Heart of the Matter.

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The abc censorship of scientific information is demonstrating its own, obvious bias influenced by opinions, rather than scientific and outcome evidences. This is seriously negatively impacting the health of every human alive or being born, mine and maybe you or your loved ones.

Censorship of freedom of information means discussion and debate is stopped. Learning and being open and accountable there by cease. Deplorable at all times, particularly the 21 Century.

By suspending the messenger ( the reporter, who investigates and reports) the very essence of human right to freedom of information and self determination are denied.

This censure of information therefore promotes, in this case, preventable, life threatening ill health, in all ages, but in particular babies and children, who cannot choose for themselves.

There must be open discussion of all aspects of science and the impacts it can create, no matter how uncomfortable it is to admit scientific mistake and/or fraud.

Perhaps in 2016 it is even more important when we have so much evidence and detailed explanations of how an apparently tiny change, can, when being used over long time periods, cause devastating ill health, across species, planet wide. These scientific revelations and debates are being undermined and 'removed' from public scrutiny, all the while, the evidence of chronic and new diseases are burgeoning.  

The abc, as supposedly our 'independent' public broadcaster and promotor of accessible information to all, has failed the scientific and health community, the public, and, most of all, future generations. 

Before we are 'Wi-Fried' and brain damaged before we get to the 'Heart of the Matter' these programs and their reporter Dr Maryanne Demasi, MUST be REINSTATED. Then ... LET THE DEBATES BEGIN and healing occur.


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