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To combat sexist issues like those on the show Man UP!, we're targeting the ABC network and asking them to cancel this low rated and sexist show. The Women’s Media Center has teamed up with to redefine sexy and identify sexism on television. The Sexy or Sexism? Campaign educates and activates people who want sexism off the air and broader representations of women on air. The ABC television show Man UP! is a prime example of how sexist images of men and women can be insulting.

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Letter to
ABC Programming Chief Paul Lee
Publcist for ABC Man Up Ellen Gonzalez
I’m writing to ask that ABC stops trying to redefine manhood and cancels the low-rated and sexist show Man UP! This show is best described as men learning how to rebel against a false enemy. TV Guide noted it’s “an insult to both genders” and part of “Fall TV’s ‘woe is man’ trend.” Another critic says the show “appear(s) to have been conceived by network executives who hate men with a fiery passion. How else to explain the thoroughly insulting, utterly asinine portraits of masculine arrested development?”

Like your recently canceled “Charlie’s Angels” you should be discovering that playing to insulting gender stereotypes is a trend that should have been left in the 70's. Shows, especially unfunny sitcoms, which aggressively seek to alienate both genders with a rigid frame of what being a man or woman is all about, is insulting to viewers

Portrayals of men and women on TV that force them to be confined to a tiny box of “acceptable” behavior hurts everyone. Women and men deserve better representation. Young girls and boys deserve to see better images of adults on television.

A television show cannot redefine what it means to be a man. Let men do this for themselves. Men in the real world value and respect women, and there are plenty of shows on TV that highlight this. Please cancel Man UP! and invest in shows that represent men and women as intelligent, smart and real people.


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