Bring Layla Spring back to American Idol and Have a Top 25

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I was so excited that American Idol is back on and I was excited to see new judges who could bring some fun fo the show. We were fans for a very long time and felt the last seasons became extremely boring, not trying to be rude, with all the ballads and soft and slow songs, no creativity and we literally stopped watching due to that for several seasons.

This year showed promise with personalities like Catie but the judges made a huge mistake this year. They sent home Layla Spring, if you have not watched her you should, and she deserves to make it to the top 24 and let us decide if she goes home. The judges tell people to grow, to continue to challenge themselves and Layla grew by leaps and bounds. At 16 years old she is young talent who clearly takes direction and she is going to be an absolute star! The judges chose people who had weaker performances, they did not grow and they will continue to be the same through the show like seasons past. Please sign our petition, get some awesome personalities who will continue to WOW us which will make American Idol successful again! 

Lionel Richie, Katie Perry and Luke Bryan- This was such a huge mistake. Please bring Layla Springs back!