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BRING HEATHER MORRIS BACK!! We haven't seen enough of #teamMaksimumheat!

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I know many people believe that just because Heather Morris has a background of hip hop dance, then she automatically knows how to dance to everything. Yeah, because hip hop is the same thing as ballroom right? No. 

 She has done everything that the judges asked, took their criticism into consideration. She was learning hard. Even with the criticism from people saying that she was at an advantage when she said it herself that it wasn't easy, she still pulled through. She went through two partners, had to last minutely perform her jive with her new partner in which she was did well. She has inspired me and I'm sure everyone that no matter the challenges or things people say, to not give up on what you love. And instead show them what you got! I honestly have no idea what went wrong with Heather Morris's dance. I believe she is an incredible ballroom dancer, and right when we were just starting to see her at her best, she gets eliminated? That's just absurd. And I am not just talking about her scores tonight but you can totally see her improvement from the beginning to now. How did she get eliminated by popularity vote? How is that even possible?! I mean didnt we all hear the furious fans during the announcement of Heather Morris getting eliminated? Tom Burgeron [DWTS MC] stated, "I have to say in 24 seasons, that Is probably the most vocally unhappy reaction we gotten" so many people booing about her elimination, so many people advocating for her, and she still didn't get "enough" votes? I feel like Heather Morris was not getting the love and excitement she deserves because people cannot overlook the fact that Hip Hop dancing is different from Ballroom dancing. Like every of the other contestant, she had difficulties she was practicing hardcore as well! HEATHER MORRIS IS A HIP HOP DANCER NOT BALLROOM DANCER. There's a huge difference between the two.

If the reason why DWTS ABC let Heather Morris go, was because of they felt the made a mistake by asking her to compete because she already has the "experience" and viewers are not happy because they think she has an "advantage"? Then DWTS ABC, that was a really pathetic reason. Why ask her to join a competition to pull her down? Be more unbiased, and give the contestants the place they deserve. Contestant should win by talent not popularity! Even the DWTS All Star Champion, Melissa Ryecroft says "it's always by popularity." Then what's the point of having judges? 

I am not entirely sure if the DWTS ABC Production Crew would even take this petition but I am willing to give it a shot for #TeamMaksimumheat. I just want the DWTS ABC Production Crew to give them another chance because like I have mentioned, we have just started to see her confidence dancing in a ballroom. Or at least give them another alternative. Both Maks & Heather! I also believe that Maksim Chmerkovskiy is an incredible dance teacher, and choreographer. All of his dances, he tells a story that is very enjoyable to watch, which makes me feel like watching DWTS on Mondays are worth my time. 

 Heather Morris deserves more than just 6 weeks on the show.We need to see more of Heather Morris! If anyone agrees with me, please join me on this petition! And No matter what happened, they will always be my Mirror Ball Champions! 

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