Save Doctor Blake Mysteries from being cancelled!

Save Doctor Blake Mysteries from being cancelled!

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Doctor Blake Mysteries is an extremely popular Australian TV show, which has been ABC Australia's number one program almost from day one!

It is also shown in some 130+ countries worldwide and is also very popular across the globe. You only need to look at Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter to see the worldwide adoration for this wonderful show. 

Therefore, the entire Doctor Blake fandom, known as #BlakeArmy to many, has been left shell-shocked, devastated and many rather angry about the ABC's shock decision to cancel the show after the upcoming 5th season, to be aired later this year. 

Even the show's star, Craig McLachlan, who plays Doctor Lucien Blake, has posted on his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts about how this decision has seemingly come from nowhere. To quote "And so, with an eager, loyal audience and absolute passion from "Team Blake," I honestly felt we could and should continue our journey with Lucien and Jean."

So please, if you love this show as much as I do, please sign and share away! If the ABC can see how much we want this continue, maybe there can be something done.

I thank you for reading this, and hope you sign. :)