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If you would like to see ABC cancel.....One Life to Live's replacement show, The Revolution.....then sign the petition.....This very important, epecially for those who has lost their Llanview family.....for a replacement show that has been a disaster from the beginning.....ABC will fail....all we need is the signatures....We can save the soaps.....

Letter to
ABC (American Broadcasting Company)
I just signed the following petition addressed to: ABC.

Cancel: The Revolution

After 43 years soap fans...must say goodbye to OLTL...for a new talk show...soap fans are angrier than ever, and want "The Reekolution" off the air...We fans want to be by signing a petition and getting this show off the air...will get us fans heard cleary....we don't need a talk show how to tell us to have fun...we don't need a talk show to tell us how fat we are...we need a show that will let us relax....and that show is One Life to Live....not a worthless talk show...that is going to tell us things we already know!!


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