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Apologize and issue a correction for the report "Is your veterinarian being honest with you”

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A 20/20 report that aired on ABC Friday night November 22nd 2013 "Is Your Veterinarian Being Honest with You?” features former Canadian veterinarian Andrew Jones, who alleges that some veterinarians pad visits with what he claims are unnecessary services and treatments.  

The 20/20 report states.  

Veterinarians take advantage of clients’ love for animals by recommending unnecessary shots, tests and procedures to benefit their bottom line.

Some “lumps and bumps” don’t need to be biopsied or further investigated and that Veterinarians use the word “cancer” as a scare tactic in these situations.

Veterinarians recommend dental cleanings and procedures that require anesthesia unnecessarily. They label just a little bit of tartar as dental disease or periodontal disease—and dental work is “the ultimate veterinary up-sell.”

                 Veterinarians take very seriously the moral imperative to advocate on behalf of animals that cannot advocate for themselves. Because animals can’t answer our questions or point to where it hurts, veterinarians need to take the initiative in exploring diagnoses and treatments to find out what’s wrong.   Many veterinary diseases can be diagnosed with a blood test, urine test or a biopsy, long before clinical signs occur. When we see clinical signs, it’s often too late to easily intervene.   This is sensationalist and irresponsible journalism. The segment might cause some pet owners to delay or neglect pet healthcare and the pet would suffer as a result of that.

                   From private practitioners to many in the veterinary profession, as well as pet owners are disappointed with 20/20, to say the least.    Please contact ABC 20/20 , to demand that they air a correction and an apology for such misleading and irresponsible report.

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