Abbeville Village: Stop The Rat Running

Abbeville Village: Stop The Rat Running

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Tristam Larder started this petition to Kieran Taylor (Transport Planner at London Borough of Lambeth) and

Please sign this petition if you believe that there is far too much traffic in our local streets and want Lambeth to introduce measures in our area to restrict non-local traffic and stop the rat-running. 

I have lived on Lynette Avenue for 8 years. I love my street and I love the neighbourhood around Abbeville road but the cut through traffic between the south circular and Clapham south side is becoming unbearable

Please help me to petition the council to reduce the cut through traffic in our neighbourhood. I want to reclaim our small residential streets for the local residents.

The Abbeville neighbourhood, as defined by Lambeth council, is the area bordered by Clapham Southside, the South Circular (Cavendish Road), Clapham Park Road and Kings Avenue.

With the increasing use of traffic apps we have a constant flow of non local traffic rat running. It seems particularly acute on streets such as Klea Avenue, Lynette Avenue, Narbonne, Elms Road, Elms Crescent, Abbeville Road and Rodenhurst Road. But if you think your street is badly affected I want to hear from you too (see email address at the bottom). Click here if you want to see what it is like at the corner of Klea and Lynette on a non rush hour Saturday early evening: Klea Lynette traffic

The cut through traffic causes:

•  Excessive speeding which is a danger to pedestrians and in particular all the young children who live in our streets. 
Noise pollution from all the cars
• Nuisance from motorists arguing and fighting after getting blocked in our small streets by excessive traffic
• Increased pollution from car fumes 

I have been lobbying Lambeth for 4+ years now but with very little progress. Lambeth have limited resources and there are other areas which currently have a higher priority under the council's grading system.

Lambeth Council need to see the strength of local feeling around this issue if we want them to address the problem.  

I am trying to build a contact list of residents in the Abbeville neighbourhood who are fed up with the traffic levels in our area. I'll send out updates on any progress and the more residents I am able to mobilise the more chance we have of succeeding. Please email me at if you want to add yourself to the list. Thanks! 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!