Stop Killing and Mistreating Fraser Island Dingoes

Stop Killing and Mistreating Fraser Island Dingoes

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K'Gari (Fraser Island) listed under the World Heritage Convention, adopted by General Assembly of UNESCO in 1972. The Fraser Island World Heritage Area was included in 1992 on the World Heritage List kept under Article 11 of the Convention for the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage and remains on the list. This was because K'Gari represents an outstanding example of significant ongoing biological processes (UNESCO) It is  is the World's largest sand island, featuring 40 kms of coloured sandcliffs, tall rainforests on sand, the development of rare and biogeographically significant species of plants and animals. One such animal species is the FRASER ISLAND DINGO believed to be the purest strain of dingo on the east coast of Australia (UNESCO, 2013), The Fraser Island Dingo  is an icon of the island’s wildlife.

On-ground management of Fraser Island is the responsibility of the  State of Queensland  administered by Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, (QPWS)  Department of Environment and Resource Management, guided by the Great Sandy Region Management plan (UNESCO)

"QPWS is fully aware of its obligations under Queensland’s Nature Conservation Act 1992 to protect the dingoes on Fraser Island as a native species, and the service is committed to conserving the island's dingo population." (Queensland Government website - Department of National Parks Sport and Racing)

Protection of the Dingoes

At this time the population numbers of Fraser Island Dingoes is unknown. After the death of Clinton Gage in May 2001 when a dingo bit him puncturing an artery, causing his death,  the Fraser Island Dingo was  "culled" at direction of the then Premier of Queensland. Exactly how many dingoes were killed is unknown  Ongoing "management" of the Island by QPWS has brought about significant deaths of Fraser Island dingoes since 2001. Numbers seem to be a factor that QPWS are loathe to disclose.   It has been conservatively estimated that between 2001 to 2012,  117 dingoes were euthenased by QPWS, (50 males) and that each year thereafter dingo deaths are "expected". Another dingo was killed recently in July 2018 and there have been several deaths in 2019 with a recent incident in which negligent people camped with a toddler in an open camper trailer on Eurong Beach. No Rangers asked these people to move to a fenced area or asked them to leave the beach on Eurong, where it is common knowledge there is a dingo den. This is irresponsible behaviour all round.

The dingoes that are being mistreated by the State of Queensland are resident within the Fraser Island World Heritage Area; and contribute to the biodiversity, ecological function and ongoing evolutionary processes of the Fraser Island World Heritage Area.  The world heritage values of the Fraser Island World Heritage Area are summarised as follows: (a)  an outstanding example representing significant ongoing geological processes, biological evolution and man’s interaction with his natural environment; and  (b)    containing unique or superlative natural phenomena, formations or features of exceptional natural beauty

The dingoes that have been killed by the State of Queensland are a part of, and contribute to, the world heritage values of the Fraser Island World Heritage Area, including through the dingoes’ ecological and evolutionary role as a high level predator within the Fraser Island World Heritage Area.

 The ongoing mistreatment and killing of dingoes has, will have or is likely to have a significant impact on the world heritage values of the Fraser Island World Heritage Area. It is likely the ongoing killing will bring about the extinction of the Fraser Island Dingo unless something is done to stop the killing.

The killing is in contravention of section 12 of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (Cth); and (b)  is not authorised under any approval, exemption or other provision of section 12(2) of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (Cth).

In 2017 research concerning Fraser Island Dingoes showed that there was significant risk of extinction due to genetic inbreeding. This can only be directly linked to the ongoing killing of dingoes since 2001, the destruction of pack structures and interference caused by management practices on the Island.


It has been predicted that the Fraser Island Dingo is likely to become EXTINCT caused directly by the present practices of QPWS of killing and culling. This was first predicted in 2009, nearly 10 years later the same management practices continue and the numbers are unknown, AND DINGOES CONTINUE TO BE KILLED. THIS CANNOT GO ON.

The Australian Dingo is a much loved ICON of Australia, the Fraser Island Dingo more so because it is  captive, landlocked on an Island exposed to uncontrolled Tourism and left to management practices that pay lip service to "conserving the Island's dingo population". The Community has been abhorred by the recurring deaths of dingoes, and IT IS NOW TIME FOR CHANGE.


1.We demand the Minister for the Environment, Minister Leeanne Enoch take charge of her Department, she MUST  intervene and RESTRAIN any further killing of our precious Fraser Island Dingoes, she MUST ensure that Fraser Island Dingoes are treated with respect and dignity and ask QPWS to remove collars that inhibit movement and inhibit a Dingoe's capacity to forage for food and hunt;

2. We demand that mistreatment of Fraser Island Dingoes cease and that there be no further killing of Fraser Island Dingoes or activities that could lead to their extinction for the reasons stated in this Petition, and that acceptable alternative arrangements and a new management plan is devised for Fraser Island Dingoes are implemented. This must include a clear and concise plan to control tourist interference with dingoes. 

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