AB- Technical College, Asheville, NC: Stop outing Trans* Students through AB-Tech's Learning Software Program: Moodle

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I have attended AB- Tech as a transgender student. Many of my classes as well as, other students, tend to be enrolled in hybrid courses. This means many of us turn our work in online through a program called Moodle. Moodle is designed for online learning, however, many of us are asked to interact with one another on Moodle through forums, emails, and our names are listed on Moodle for other students to see so they can contact us about class related things. The issue with this is our birth names are used. This leaves transgender students, without a name change, to be outed through this program that they have to use in order to gain points in classes. A year ago, I was outed through Moodle due to my birth name and a classmate confronted me for being in the men's restroom because he saw my birth name on Moodle. After months of talking to faculty and staff I was told the college couldn't do anything without a legal name change. I could not financially afford a name change at that time, just like so many other trans people, and after feeling as though I was getting nowhere I contacted the ACLU. The ACLU wrote a letter to Ab- Technical College and the school decided to shorten my birth name to "Sam" on Moodle so that it looks masculine even though it is not my name. It is not the name I identify with and does not solve the issue for many other transgender students. The college still refuses to change my name to Basil or any other transgender students name in the Moodle program without a legal name change. Moodle makes it easy for colleges to use preferred names. Putting students in an unsafe position is not okay. Expecting students to pay for classes or absorb their material in an unsafe or uncomfortable atmosphere is not okay. Other colleges have allowed trans students to have preferred names in Moodle, such as UNC Charlotte, a University in our own state. Please sign this and share this to urge AB- Technical College to change their online learning name policy. 


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