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Ardersier & Petty is one of the most up and coming areas in Highland. With its unique beauty, historic places of interest, water sports, wildlife, marine life, Fort George being its neighbour and being situated right on The Moray Firth...what else would you want from an 800 year old historical village? 

Ardersier is home to an enormous range of bird life, badgers, otters, foxes, wildcat, insects and plant life. Bottlenosed dolphins can be seen from Ardersier Bay and Fort George. Additionally it is home to grey seals, porpoise, various other marine life and amazing marine plant life. Parts of the area are on SSSI and internationally protected due to the level of scientific importance both in and out of the Moray Firth. 

All of this is now under threat. Scottish Water, backed by The Highland Council, plan to build the first module of a super waste treatment plant on Arderiser beach. Residents have not been consulted or listened to by either organisation. Arderiser & Petty have not given consent for their homes to be damaged or their land to be dug up or their essential road ways closed. NO ONE is listening! 

Scottish Water have already been clearing the site although the original planning application has yet to be discharged by The Highland Council. This has compromised our current badger population in the area greatly. Scottish Water plan to remove vital parts of our flood defenses, which is unbelievable due to our beach being classified as a storm beach. Properties on the beach front rely on this defense to protect their properties. We will have limited access to our formal/informal and core pathways. 

So why are we fighting this? 

1. This plant will destroy our land and marine ecology. Gallons upon gallons of chemicals will be put into The Moray Firth constantly which will have a detrimental effect on the marine life which are in this part of the Moray Firth. This will include the dolphins, fish and plant life. It will errode the sand banks and may cause parts of the beach to sink, therefore effecting the glacier deposits. 

2. Our badger population is already being effected with drastic changes in their behaviour and some believed dead. 

3.  Species which are endangered to Scottish shores may be wiped out altogether or unable to recover such as the Dingy Skipper Butterfly and the Small Blue butterfly. 

4.  If there is a break in the structure due to storms then the Moray Firth will be compromised with raw sewage and may never recover. 

5. The damage to land and properties due to the construction period and increase in traffic will cause millions of pounds in damage. Residents can not afford to pay these types of prices. 

6.  Already house prices have declined by 15% with a further reduction expected once construction has been completed. 

7.  The risk of Chemical air pollution is unreasearched but experts have stated that the risk is significant that will be passed on genetically to future generations. 

8.  We have organic farms and other types of farming on all sides of the village. The impact of chemical pollution and how it will effect produce is largely unreasearched but experts again have stated the risk is substantial and that there will be an impact on the soil around the site. 

9. The odour is expected to be high risk during construction with it settling on medium risk after construction. this is significant to look at further chemical pollution impacts on the people and animals surrounding this new WTP. 

10.  Ardersier & Petty are currently on the Deprivation Listings and have recently moved up on the list due to no monetary input by any organisation but it is down to the sheer hard work of the community as a whole. Tourism and economic growth has begun in Ardersier after decades of no investment by Highland Council. Arderiser and surrounding area hope to build on this and create a very unique space in which to encourage tourists and build on the Water Sports which are already here. This will not happen if this plant is allowed to be built in its current proposed form. The odour alone will affect Fort George tourism, our water sport tourism and our other sport tourism. we can not allow this to happen. 

11. Increased HGV traffic and LGV traffic cause significant damage to already deteriorating road ways. These roads have had no investment by Highland Council in some considerable amount of time. They are not fit for purpose and due to the properties being on the roads themselves it creates added issues. Properties are being damaged due to the roads being unstable. Heavy useage causes cracks in properties and intense vibrations. Some of the properties are more than 200 years old and have no foundations. Additionally our children travelling to schools in and out of the immediate area are going to be at risk as Scottish Water have not applied any health and safety to their planning.

Scottish Water and The Highland Council are NOT listening. 

There is currently an existing Plant at Allanfearn. Scottish Water told us there is no room to extend this plant. . They then issued planning application for an additional seperational tank to accommodate a new housing area proposed for Inverness East. why is this plant not taking in Tornagrain? 

So what do we want? 

Ardersier is not against the development of the A96 corridor and recognises that a WTP needs to be built in order for the development to be accommodated. However we feel that the proposed site is ethically and morally the wrong place for it to be placed. We wish to sit down with SW, THC and our neighbours and ascertain the most appropriate site. We additionally feel that a Biomatrix system would be more beneficial to the surrounding area and the environment as a whole. 

Help us put pressure on The Highland Council and Scottish Water to find a more appropriate site or alternative technology. This could be your community facing these organisations and being bullied and lied about. Help us and sign our petition and share our story so we can stop this! 

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