Online Stability and Quality of Life Updates for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

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Like many of you, I thoroughly have enjoyed my experience with Dissidia Final Fantasy NT and look forward to playing it for years to come. The developers have done an incredible job of creating a visually stunning game with excellent mechanics for a 3v3 arena fighter. Unfortunately, there exists several issues with the game's core design that not only have caused many players to abandon the game but also jeopardize its longevity.  

The game has significant lag issues which cause games to slow to a crawl and makes matches simply unplayable. Several characters have game play mechanics that are extremely hindered by lag, such as Sephiroth and Squall. For a title of this caliber and from a well-known development team this is simply unacceptable. The number one complaint from users and reviewers alike is lag. While not every match has lag, when it occurs it is very frustrating. I am not a developer and cannot say what needs to be done to fix this issue, be it dedicated servers (as to which the developers showed no interest in implementing) or better "netcode" but a serious change needs to be made if the game is to grow and thrive as intended. 

Possibly related to the issue above is the sometimes lengthy times waiting in queue between matches. It can be upwards of several minutes between matches to find a party. It is unclear if this is due to a low available player pool or a match making algorithm that is not optimized. Also, while in queue, players are given very little options to make adjustments while waiting. As a community we would greatly appreciate having more options available while waiting, such as changing skins, ex skill sets (as found in the customize menu) and having different music tracks playing other than the same song. Final Fantasy has a long and rich music catalog that should be better incorporated into the game.

When matchmaking does occur, often a three-party team will consistently be paired against the same team multiple times in a row. It's a running joke in the community that when this occurs it means these are the only two teams playing at that time. This needs to change. When a party is paired against the same team several times in a row it can be very frustrating, especially if one team consistently wins against the other. Also, the AI controlled teammates the game provides perform poorly and can create unbalanced matches. There should either be no point loss or a reduced point loss for loosing with an AI character in your team, regardless of how many your opponent has on their team.

Additionally, the community has voiced their desire for more content, such as co-op summon battles and a better training/sparring mode where you can party with other players to practice and set the behavior of the AI. 

To summarize our request, here are the features we would like to see:

* Dedicated servers / better netcode
* No or reduced point loss upon loosing if AI characters are in your party 
* More customization options while in queue
* Custom music for queue screen
* More music tracks

As a community our desire is the same as yours- to help Dissidia grow and thrive for years to come. We hope none of the comments here were taken in a negative light as we are just trying to voice our thoughts and concerns for a game we are all very passionate about. We thank you for your time and look forward to your response.


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