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AAMI Insurance: our two disabled kids need caring for – please don't reject our claim

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Since my wife was pulled out of a car from a crash that left us both injured – AAMI Insurance have spent 3 years fighting us and avoiding paying our claim because they say we submitted our form late.

After dropping off our children at school one morning in 2008, our car came to a halt due to traffic and we were struck from behind –  our car was so badly damaged, the rescue squad had to cut the car in half to pull my wife out to get her to hospital. 

AAMI agreed their insured driver was at fault, but now are denying our claim because they say the forms were late.

Our two children have severe disabilities. We didn't have the time to pursue the claim straight away. We also hoped we would recover and not need to claim the insurance. And we had no idea that such a "six month" law even existed! Our explanation was simple and honest. 

We thought AAMI would treat people injured in a crash with some fairness – but instead they've forced this to go to the courts for a decision and made our life hell for three years. I need surgery on my hands, will never work again because of the crash but they just won't listen to reason. 

This could happen to anyone. Insurance companies always win, even if it is not fair – please help us get fairness from AAMI Insurance. They could fix this with a wave of a pen, but I know seeing thousands of customers stand on our side will help convince them to do the right thing.

This petition is our last hope - can you please sign your name to help show AAMI that treating people like this is not OK, and ask them to pay our claim? 

Thank you so much.

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