A Vote of No Confidence and Censure of the Shakopee ISD 720 School Board

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Dear Shakopee ISD 720 Board Members:

On behalf of the parents and families and taxpayers of Shakopee ISD 720, we submit this Letter as a Vote of No Confidence and Censure of the Shakopee ISD 720 School Board and ask for your resignations.

Scott Swanson – Chairperson

Angela Tucker – Vice Chairperson

Matt McKeand – Treasurer

Shawn Hallett – Clerk

Reggie Bowerman

Mary Romansky

Tony Pass

We are alarmed and have a lack of trust in the actions of the School Board which have impacted the learning environment of the students in the Shakopee ISD 720.

Failure to acknowledge or to act on the unethical and possible wrongdoings of the District's Superintendent, Dr. Rod Thompson.

The community of the Shakopee ISD 720 is justifiably upset and unhappy with the deterioration we have observed in our school community.

We are stating that we are uncertain of the future vision and fiscal solvency of Shakopee ISD 720.  The community has lost trust in the School Board because of the pattern and behaviors the School Board have displayed towards the community.

The lack of leadership and inability to make sound decisions which affect our community are constant and numerous.

When we are heard, the School Board actions are defensive and do not have true ownership of the issues that have been created.  The School Board believes we are a small discontent group.  

Therefore, the community and taxpayers of Shakopee ISD 720 have signed this Vote of No Confidence and Censure lof the Shakopee ISD 720 School Board, we request their resignations.

There is an overwhelming majority of community who are highly alarmed and dissatisfied with the destructive practices that are affecting our children’s futures and impacting the taxpayers’ purses and dividing our school community.

An overwhelming majority of community believe the School Board are fiscally incompetent, non-communicative, ineffective, and cannot perform their duties as elected officials overseeing Shakopee ISD 720.

The School Board has caused undo anxiety to ripple through the student body and the students are feeling distressed when they are scared of the unknown.  The inaction of the School Board has had a detrimental impact.

The ultimate focus is the students of Shakopee ISD 720. We believe and support the teachers and the support staff.  

We all have their best interests in mind.

Respectfully Submitted,

Shakopee ISD 720 (Minnesota)

Parents and Families and Taxpayers

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