A Voice for A Murdered Child - Public Integrity Investigation in Evansville, IN

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We Respectfully Request:

A Federal Public Integrity Investigation into the City of Evansville related to and extending beyond the murder of Haley Green. We believe that the details of the murder have been skewed to cover up the actions and decisions made by an officer responding to the scene of a murder in progress. We believe that the evidence tells another story that officials refuse to acknowledge, and appropriate people are not being held accountable. The father of the murdered child is being exploited and isolated from legal representation because of the influence of corrupt local authorities.

Former U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Indiana, Joseph Hogsett, stated that out of the 60 counties of his jurisdiction, we either have the most honest officials on Earth, or someone is asleep at the switch. This is a model case of methods and tactics involving corrupt legal practices being used to alter the integrity of the legal and justice system. The suicide rate in this area is the highest in the nation. The agencies put in place to help people are ineffective. The representatives and advocates for citizens in Evansville are inept. Real problems are not being identified. City officials have inappropriate allegiances/ fraternities stifling the integrity of justice in our city.

Haley Green was 16 years old when she was beaten, strangled, shot, sexually assaulted, and robbed while an Evansville Police Officer was present, sitting in his car as she was crying for help.  A witness called police, where it was stated that an assault was in progress.  The officer stood in the middle of the crime scene, disregarding all evidence presented that a violent crime was occurring. 

The EPD has conducted this investigation with ulterior motive to cover up the negligence of an officer within their own department.  We believe that the EPD, detectives, state officials, and corrupt legal authorities involved in this case are engaged in a cover up that blames the victim instead of the ones responsible for her murder. There is an interesting relationship that can be observed regarding how these corrupt officials use their positions for influence, favors, endorsements, votes, and silence that undermines justice for victims of violent crime.

There is an urgent need in this case for a proficient attorney to represent the interest of this murdered child and her father.  The father will provide overwhelming evidence as probable cause in this pursuit for justice.

Please contact iriefeliz@gmail.com or JAG47720@yahoo.com for more information.

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