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A Treaty, a permanent seat in our Parliament & we are ancient, not 'young & free'

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These changes are necessary for Australia's future & holistic health of mind, body & spirit. For the lands and waters: all the lands & waters. At present, 'Australians' are - unfortunately for them - not genuine legal land owners here; as there WAS a provable system of Government, clearly working right across our country at settlement. The basic English law of the time, along with the 65,000+ year old laws of your 1st people, were broken and ignored in the crash-tackle-burn invasion, degradation and rape of an already, long-time settled and "sacred" land. You wonder why our youth are suiciding at such an alarming rate?

Can you not imagine what it was like for a child in the bad old days? everyone you know, love & respect that each & all hold your holistic environment (every-little-thing known from all of your senses), as 'sacred'? Then to abruptly lose it all in death & sickness of mind & body in a few short years - after literally thousands of generations of belief & daily adherence to the maintenance of that Sacred. There are ATSI & Sth-Sea Island people alive yet today that went through this perverse treatment of another human being. Slaves & servants that revealed a deep dignity, and an awe-inspiring religious sense of the holistic 'Sacred'. Those effective influences can't be hidden from children; & with our mob, pretty well everything is handed down & along as per instinctive oral tradition.

So you see, it's been a mere 3-4 generations [if 50 y/o is average lifespan over 200 yrs] forward to the many youth that show symptoms of what was termed 'anomie', by French sociologist Durkheim, in attempting to explain what occurred when the English over-ran various indigenous peoples around the world. ANOMIE = "...old values have lost their meaning and new values have not been accepted to take their place. People in this state appear to lack a sense of purpose and meaning to life” (cited in Edwards, 1996, p110). Practical empathy, a national acceptance & exampled pride in our first people, will go a long way to redressing major & life-threatening, current ATSI issues.

The old days of the colonial "Boss" & "Jacky, do this now ya black bastard eh," are long gone. 'We' have adapted to this society. We have qualified professionals in every single sphere of modern Australia. We will never be silenced about our responsibilities to this Sacred land, and 'make no mistake!' - we will manage & care-take this land again in 'our' future. It's an evolution-revolution folk and we need your help to go forward. Not into an elitist society slanted for business & profit, but a genuinely fair Australia that can & does love & respect the 'good' in their 1st-nation people. Original inhabitants. THE ancient race.

65K+ years? How did they not make slaves of others? How did they not have civil wars? How did they look after the country so well? How did they never run out of food? Others did, & became cannibals, because they didn't look after their holistic environment. How did these hardy people survive in drought, in the deserts, flooding, the 2nd ice-age? They lived with our Mega-fauna! What a fantastically adaptive race of people to have even come this far in an absolutely diverse society & in 3-4 generations!

Those usually nice Australian folk, calling for ATSI & SSI's to stop looking back; "just look ahead and give it a go mate!" etc, must understand that it just ain't that easy to do practically. If you could put yourself in our shoes for a moment. Not to taste the awful vacuum left by our recent descendants being made slaves & prisoners, but to look ahead with us to more & more years of being ignored. More years of lip service from politicians that aren't game to bare the truth of having taken Australia from the ATSI inhabitants - for fear of losing any of the profit taken from the sacred country. Those rich & mighty politicians that are rolling in money made off of minorities, poor people, low socio-economic groups of workers & the first Australians.

We don't want your money! We are more than happy to work for our money with the sweat of our brow as we have always done. We want some freakin' justice. Some rights, as the original inhabitants that cared successfully for this wonderful great land for a very freakin' long time. Look around you at any raw land in your area. For thousands upon thousands of years that land was managed by many many clans, people & Tribes all working together to keep the entire environment (including all creatures), pristine. 'We' need to have that balance once again, because it is our country's 'best-practice' for its health.

This sacred land is not an infinite source of profit; it is a living breathing part of the whole that we call Earth. Australia is unique in many ways & we - with the experience & practical knowledge afforded us by our 1st people - have a chance to save our beautiful country from the torture that profit-first for very few at the top brings about.  So - HELP!?  

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