Request to know the STRATEGY / HOPE for 'Uninterrupted Electricity' in Nigeria

Request to know the STRATEGY / HOPE for 'Uninterrupted Electricity' in Nigeria

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Ola Lekan started this petition to Prof James Momoh (Chairman of the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC).) and

Interrupted electricity supply and its multiplier effects has deterred Nigeria from growth

In-fact bad electricity system affects everything in Nigeria. You name it -- All sectors affected negatively.

The Effects:
● Weak growth in private sectors
● Threats to neighbourhood security
● Poor welfare of Nigerians
● Slow Healthcare Emergency response time
● A non-Investment friendly Nigeria
● Adverse health effects due to burning of organic fuels
● Increased environmental pollution
● Stunted creativity in Nigerians
● Poor education standard, and slow learning
● Increased study hours, and efforts
● Poor manufacturing sector
● Poor time management, and scheduling

... You see.

Infact the bad electricity system of Nigeria can be predicted to be the reason why the country has not developed. Nigerians are creative people. Known for dogedness,and resilience. But without POWER - electricity -- progress and growth is badly affected as listed there.
But why then, is this BIG problem, of poor Electricity in Nigeria, not getting the maximum concentration, that it deserves?

It is because the relevant stakeholders are not up-to-pace with their public objectives. This is costly. Poor electricity affects everything.

Some locations in Nigeria don't have electricity for over 3 Months. all because of the relevant stakeholders failure to meetup with their objectives and public goals.

Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) is an independent regulatory body with authority for the regulation of the electric power industry in Nigeria.

The NERC has the mandate to provide Nigeria with Uninterrupted Electricity:
The Objectives of NERC as listed on its official website: Link
(Accessed: 2nd, September 2019):

Goal 1 : Uninterrupted Electricity
Constant and reliable power supply is critical to the growth of the Nigerian economy
The supply of power is expected to cover a wide national footprint to maximise access to electricity in Nigeria
Through appropriate Regulations, the Commission (through you and I) will ensure that the nation gets safe, adequate, reliable and affordable services in the generation, transmission, distribution and trading of electricity.


"NERCNG is not meeting it's Goal 1 Uninterrupted Electricity that's why Nigerian is in darkness" ~ Electricity24NG


Dear Nigerians, and her well-wishers,
We're asking, - will you join us to demand from NERCNG: the HOPE, STRATEGY of reaching its Goal 1 : Uninterrupted Electricity in Nigeria.

So that the Nigerian Child may experience uninterrupted electricity.
Sign this petition today, and invite everyone! to sign it too!!

Poor electricity has affected everything negatively in Nigeria. (Security, education, productivity, health, economy, happiness, welfare... You just name it) - And it affects you too.

Sign this petition today.
Let there be Electricity for Nigeria.


#1 Leaders are not affected!
The leaders are not affected, as much as the followers. They use 24 hours Electricity generators. And they often don't pay for the fuel, so why bother? They are not affected by the fumes and toxic gas from those generators either.

#2 Leaders are not strategic
Another reason why electricity for Nigerians is not getting the holistic approach it deserves, is might just be that the Nigeria Minister in charge of Power, is not completely strategic about this BIG problem, which affects Nigerians.

Sign this petition today.
Let there be Uninterrupted Electricity for Nigeria.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!