A referendum to be called for all decisions made on the privatisation of our NHS

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The NHS is not a commodity to be sold at the will of any political party; the ownership lies with the tax paying general public. Therefore, before ANY party makes a decision on the future of the NHS it has to be presented to the general public first in the form of a national referendum. For example, the next time our NHS is sectioned off and considered for auction, this has to be put before the general public to make the final decision.

This is also to account for any ACOs, or any other organisation operating under the thinly veiled guise of privatisation.

A priority needs to be placed on our NHS. When the current political party can muster £1 billion for the DUP and find endless resources for unjust attacks on foreign nations, it can certainly find resource to support an institution that is not only ingrained into our society, our society depends upon it.

If our healthcare is owned by others, they will start to own us.