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A real justice for little Keryan, 5yo, murdered by his father

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This petition is the SOS of a mum who just has her words left to try and safe keep the memory of her son and make justice happen. I am the mother of Keryan, the wonderful little cheerful boy, murdered at the age of 5 by his father in the night of 5 to 6 October 2015 in Singapore.

The Justice of Singapore is going a way I don't understand having offered a transaction to the murderer of my son to avoid him a proper trial and reduce drastically the charges and the sentence against a plea guilty.

There won't be a proper trial for the murder of my son. There will only be a transaction based on a statement of facts which does not include all the elements proving the premeditation of this monstrous act.

Despite all the evidences of violence, of death threats, of kidnapping threats, the police reports, the expedited protection order granted by the Singapore Family Court for my son and me before the drama... NOTHING has been considered and the file as prepared by the prosecutor does not reflect the inner nature of the accused.

The murderer is facing a maximum sentence of 10 years imprisonment  for the murder of my son to which he pleaded guilty...

I massively alerted France as well as Singapore police and authorities before the drama about the threats of this dangerous man, ready to anything to destroy me, who kept on telling me that the justice would not protect me... the same justice which was unable to protect my little one.

This murder is the ultimate punishment this man could inflict to me in his escalation in hatred... he sentenced me to life the worst pain ever.

I am facing an incomprehensible inaction from my country in this case, despite all my requests to the French embassy in Singapore, the foreign affairs minister, the justice minister even to my President Mr Hollande. I have no return... My son is being ignored.

Is the murderer of my son too powerful? Too much manipulative? Too well introduced within the finance industry?

Even the French media do not relay my appeals.

Mr Urvoas, Mrs the Judge in charge of this file, what about this letter rogatory supposed to be sent urgently since last May?

Mr the President François Hollande, Mr Ayrault, you have signed a strige cooperation with Singapore, is that so strategic that it leads you to ignore the injustice that is going to be rendered and on which you have the ability to impact?  

There is an EMERGENCY to react. You can still make France's voice heard, this France who protects its nationals...

Help me unveil the mask on this scandal of a murder that could have been avoided and that justice is treating lightly.

Help me ask my country and his leaders to get involved in this case so that a little boy murdered by the hands of his own "father" can receive at least the same attention and assistance as any other French national.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you all.


For more info, here is a link of press articles


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