Protest: Help Toei take properties away from Funimation

Protest: Help Toei take properties away from Funimation

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Over a year since the release of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, long time Funimation voice actor Vic Mignogna has been falsely fired for sexual allegations he never committed nor were they confirmed as of currently. Nevertheless, he still was fired from Funimation and Rooster Teeth. For many years the Funimation voice actors have been trying to get rid of him for decades. Internet denizens known as KickVic have been trolling people who support Vic. What they fail to realize, Funimation is the culprit for mistreating employees for years. Not only is it a terrible work environment for most of the majority of people with notorious backstabbing, but they are hypocrites when they are really responsible. The last straw is when voice leaks came out when voice actors had disregarded company policy to make homophobic and sexualized renditions of the characters in the Dragon Ball license. Despite the fact that they accused Vic of homophobic slurs as a way to ruin his career. Plus, voice actors have also used trash talk as a way to shun people defending Vic. Wouldn't you know it, Toei and all of Japan have learned about the abuse that goes on behind close doors of not only Vic but also with the Dragon Ball license. Sadly, the case was dismissed in October of 2019, but appeals are still currently going through. Over time, updates have yet come around. However, there has been hypocrisy with other voice actors and employees at bot Funimation and Rooster Teeth. Perhaps this may still give us a chance to expose the culprit even if there are people who haven't been aware of the situation. With more stories exposing the company, there should be more along the way. But as of now, let's take a look back and see where some of the problems with the company come from.


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Funimation has done too much damage for far too long to Toei's properties much like its employees. Should they continue on with their business practice, more people will get truly abused under voice actors of Funimation such as Monica Rial, Sean Schemmel, Christopher Sabat, and Jamie Marchi. They have used their wealth, fame, and high position to get what they want so they can make themselves feel relevant. With no remorse for anyone that is suffering. If they were truly in it for the victims, they wouldn't have made fun of them. Please by any means necessary, don't go out and harass people who are a part of KickVic as this will not help the situation. The only way we can spread the word about the situation going on, we have to inform those who don't know and maybe we can have Toei to consider cutting ties. To learn more about the current situation that previously passed in regards to Vic Mignogna's situation, please feel free to research more of the reports that people who stand with Vic provide. You must learn about who these people are and get an idea of what's happening. Once you do, sign this petition and help Toei protect their properties and take away the English Dub rights from Funimation.

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