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Start a Sexual offender registry in India

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Everyday when I open Indian newspapers, the one news that stays constant is rape/ sexual misconduct, and I end up thinking why can't we do something about the rapes in India? Why are we as a society failing to curb the number of incessantly increasing rape cases in India?

My friend shared her story of how she got sexually abused by her cousin for years, and, she did not have the courage to report it , until one day her cousin got charged with sexual misconduct at work and got fired. She decided to raise her voice and report his heinous crime. She told me "only if I would have reported this earlier, another girl would have been saved from getting sexually abused".

The infamous Nirbahaya rape case, or the recent rape case by an Uber driver where both the cases the convicts had troubled past, if the hiring company had adequate information like a Sex offender Registry/list published on a government site, things could have been different, the driver may not have been hired. We could have stopped 1 rape and many sexual misconducts from happening, although 1 might seem a small number but we would have started the battle somewhere. 

I am starting this petition, in hope, to do something about the rape cases that are happening in India. Here I am, requesting Indian government to please start a sexual offender registry/list which should be published on a verified government site. A male or female convicted of sexually based heinous crime should be registered on the list, with their picture, home address, and all the information linked to their Adhaar card, so there is no escape for these convicts. Also, no matter how young or old you are, if you are convicted, you should be on this list. It is not just to publically shame these guys, but also to raise awareness, that these guys don't get hired as a bus driver and end up hurting the kids, become uber drivers and end up raping one of our own.  

Why should you support the cause?

This kind of registry will help when you are sending your brother/sister/ kids to coaching classes, if the convict is on the list, you can save the sexual misconduct from happening. Finding an alliance for your sister, this registry would help you determine that you are not marrying your sister to a rapist.

 Please join the revolution "Start a Sexual offender list in India" and be part of the solution. This might seem like a hard step, in beginning, but I would rather take it together with all of you than not take it at all. 

Please Join me by signing this petition and calling on your local Representatives to implement this not just in your state but nation wide too. 

#JoinTheRevolution #StartTheSexualOffenderRegistry

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