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A petition from the Friends of Hurricane Creek and concerned citizens

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The current route for the massive Tuscaloosa Eastern Bypass will overwhelmingly affect the less financially-advantaged members of our community by displacing over 200 families at reduced housing value. In addition, the current route:

- Includes massive spaghetti junctions at several locations which will bring the worst of Atlanta-style traffic design to our small, beautiful town

- Damages the Hurricane Creek watershed with 5 bridges built across an already-impaired stream struggling to recover from natural disaster

- Irreversibly alters the quiet woodlands and canoeing streams of Hurricane Creek Park, which is currently being prohibited from developing as a park due to the bypass

- Economically benefits a small number of large corporations at the expense of taxpayers and the public

- Dishonors members of the Holt community who are still struggling to rebuild by turning their small area into a series of highway ramps and rest stops

- Distracts city officials from focusing on efforts to rebuild schools and Alberta city, which, when accomplished, would do more to assist traffic flow than any pork barrel project

There are many reasons why the environmental and social degradation generated by this bypass should be deeply reconsidered in light of the tornado damage and revised floodplains analysis.

We ask ALDOT and Tuscaloosa elected officials to step back from the bypass plan and redirect their energies on serving the citizens of Tuscaloosa and working to rebuild a beautiful, naturally-green, and ecologically-diverse hometown. In addition to our sigatures, we ask that you consider the opinions and future of children growing up in Tuscaloosa. We know that natural habitats and wonders destroyed cannot be rebuilt, even with all the federal funding in the world. 

Thank you for your service to our community and country.

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