GLASGOW MUST ACT! Pledge to relocate refugees&asylum seekers from the Aegean Island Camps!

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There is a humanitarian crisis taking place at Europe’s borders. 37,500 asylum seekers are currently trapped on the Aegean islands, forced to live in overcrowded camps with limited medical services and inadequate sanitary facilities. These inhumane conditions are the result of 5 years of neglectful EU policies. 

Even in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, EU leaders have remained indifferent or hesitant to act. The EU Commission has promised to relocate 1600 unaccompanied minors. A step in the right direction, but not good enough. The horrendous conditions in the Aegean camps make all inhabitants, regardless of age or health, extremely vulnerable. EU leaders need a wake-up call. 

Europe cannot stand by and leave behind these children, women and men in the camps. 

We have the moral obligation to act: Europe Must Act! 

In order to save lives, the camps on the Aegean islands must be completely evacuated. On the 30th of March, the Mayor and citizens of Berlin pledged to take in 1,500 refugees. Now we ask cities across Europe to join Berlin by pledging to take in an exact number of refugees and asylum seekers from the camps.

It is time for Glasgow to join Berlin. We must show that our reputation for openness and hospitality is more than a cliché. We have done this before: by 2018, following the UK’s pledge to take in 20,000 refugees fleeing Syria, Glasgow had accepted more refugees from camps in Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq and Jordan than any other UK local authority. Now we must do it again. We must lead the way in the United Kingdom and in Europe to evacuate the camps in the Aegean and put an end to this human tragedy.

Together, we can send a clear signal to EU leaders and the UK government that the people of Europe are willing and able to act on our humanitarian values and provide shelter to those who seek refuge from war and persecution. 

Lord Provost, Leader of the City Council, Councillors of the City of Glasgow – will you make a pledge?


Glasgow City Councillors Who Support Our Campaign:

Graham Campbell (SNP) Springburn/Robroyston

John Letford (SNP) Maryhill

Matt Kerr (Labour) Cardonald

Jon Molyneux (Green) Pollokshields


Local Signatories:

- Amnesty International Glasgow Daytime Group

- Bikes for Refugees

- Docs Not Cops

- Glasgow Refugee and Asylum Seeker Solidarity 

- Glasgow University Arms Divestment Coalition 

- Global Justice Glasgow

- Maryhill Integration Network

- Refugee Voices Scotland

- Refuweegee

- Scottish Detainee Visitors (and nationwide)

- STAR (Glasgow University)

- Students for Global Health (Glasgow)

- The Unity Centre

- Ubuntu Women Shelter

- UNESCO Chair in Refugee Integration through Languages and the Arts

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Nationwide Supporters:

- AfE - Action for Education

- Baroness Jenny Jones of Moulsecoomb (Green Party) 

- Baroness Natalie Bennett of Manor Castle (Green Party)

- Bras Not Bombs

- DropPoint

- FWRD - Festival Waste Reclamation and Distribution

- Help Refugees

- MARDi - Medical Aid for Refugees and Displaced People

- NATECLA Scotland - National Association for Teaching English and Other Community Languages to Adults (Scotland branch)

- O's Refugee Aid Team

- People in Motion

- People not Borders

- Positive Action in Housing

- Refugee Rights Europe

- RefuNet

- Side by Side Refugees

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*Update 01/07/2020!*

There are now 36,000 refugees and asylum seekers in the Greek Aegean hotspot camps due to transfers to the mainland as well as several European countries.