Freedom For Crypto

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Legalising cryptocurrencies is not just a demand, it's a necessity. Not participating in a global ecosystem as big as that of cryptocurrencies means not catching up with a global revolution which is only evolving the world to its greater and more convenient technological version. 

Apart from that, pulling away the ladder from below the cryptocurrencies by immobilising the bank and cryptocurrency exchange bridge will only promote a darker parallel ecosystem. Of the crimes involved in tokenizing criminal activities through cryptocurrencies, bitcoin accounts for 95%. And that is some scary figure right there.

Apparently, bitcoin, which is a cryptocurrency that drives the entire cryptocurrency market including that of altcoins, needs regulation, not hindrances. Because apart from being a prime fund for malicious activities, bitcoin is a $157 billion dollar asset in its entirety. Turning the back on something that is revolutionising and monetarily ginormous at the same time may not be the wisest of ideas.

We live in India, and the entire world is a witness to what we have achieved in our 70 years of independence. The best of professionals and decision-makers sprinkled across the globe are a product of the Indian grind that only we enjoy.

This is our time to rise and shine; these are times where we have built enough to give back to our nation. But inhibiting our breed by keeping us from participating in a futuristic global ecosystem, the foundation of which stands our responsibility, is not what we expect from the government as Indian citizens.

We want your support, not your resistance. Crypto is a reality that's looking us right in the eye. We expect you to create policies, have a financial structure, and leverage crypto in the best interests of our nation. We request you to regulate crypto. The nation does.

Think about it. Jai Hind!