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[1] Disney bought many assets from Fox = PJO rights coming home to Disney
[3] Rick Riordan still has no control over it whatsoever (© cursedbythegods)


To be perfectly honest, the movies suck. Yeah, they do. HOWEVER, there's an oppurtunity out there to seize. 

Here's why:

  1. Rick Riordan's books contain a huge pool of fictional liberty, that means that even AFTER making the books into a TV series, there's still much to work on.
  2. The books have had loads of succes, therefore, we can expect a big and diverse audience.
  3. Riordan is currently working on ANOTHER series of books (Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard) and alongside the other ones (PJO/HOO), it's fair to say that there will be A LOT to work one, which could fuel a long-lasting success for whoever decides to pick up the idea.
  4. The books are a great representation of lgbtqia and poc people !!

Just imagine for a second Percabeth on your TV/Computer/Phones or Grover, Thalia, all the characters that deserve better like Charles, Silena, Zoe,.. and even the Seven if this project makes some...noise !

Rick Riordan derserves ALL THE LOVE IN THE WORLD and a good adaptation of his amazing work. There are many fans around the world, we HAVE TO DO THIS.


This little movement started on Twitter, please share this petition to the big account of PJO. 


Don't forget demigods, there's still hope.

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