Free Fearless Girl!

Free Fearless Girl!

March 6, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Kristen Visbal


A path to permanence through Artist donation.

An April 11th, 2022  permitting review of Fearless Girl ended in a landslide victory, reducing the temporary tenure of the figure to less than a year and strongly recommending a plan for permanence be presented in 6 months.  Permanence requires city ownership.

Here's our plan:  For five years Fearless Girl has been used to promote board diversity in a corporate branding message which has omitted and obstructed the equality ideals behind the figure and discounting the fact that equality must be addressed at the grass roots level to impact diversity on boards and gender parity.

We want to bring the figure back to the people and make her permanent through donating a casting the city can own.  City ownership would diminish brand use and allow the sculpture to be aligned with the equality ideals behind the figure through modification of signage.  Ideals include Equality • Equal Pay • Empowerment • Education of Women • Education in the Workplace for the Prevention of Prejudice • General Well-Being of Women • Supporting Women in Leadership Positions • Diversity • Gender Collaboration.  

An alternate plan might include a corporate donation with a change in signage to reflect all the ideals behind the work.

If you believe the city of New York should consider the Artist's proposal of a donated casting to make the work permanent, please sign this petition. 

If you believe Fearless Girl should be used to impact your life in programs and events that benefit all of us and with organizations who are committed to promoting the ideals, please sign this petition. 

With your support we can ensure Fearless Girl remains forever a champion of equality and gender collaboration.

Working for Good,

Kristen Visbal, Fearless Girl Artist

Support now
Signatures: 1,495Next Goal: 1,500
Support now