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Introduce a road rule requiring drivers to slow to 40km/h when passing accident sites.

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 In February 2012 a young woman and the tow truck operator who came to her aid were killed in an horrific accident. 23-year-old Sarah Frazer’s car broke down near Mittagong, on the New South Wales Southern Highlands and required to be towed. Both Sarah and the tow truck operator that came to her aid were killed when they were hit by a passing vehicle. 

A Road Safety Group ( ) was started by Sarah Frazer’s father and he presented a Petition to NSW Parliament in May of 2012 with exactly 23,000 signatures calling for a change to the National Road Rules which included the need to introduce the “Move Over and Slow Down” law. 

Slow down laws have since been introduced, and are in force in Victoria and Western Australia in which motorists must slow to 40km/h and are already in place in South Australia where motorists must slow down to 25km/h. And now Queensland are looking at introducing it too. In the US and Canada there are 59 States and Provinces that have similar laws already in place and operating to protect emergency services and the general public.

6 years later and the NSW Government has still not provided this protection here in this state. 

Emergency workers in NSW such as Ambulance Paramedics, Police, Fire and Rescue, the RFS and SES as well as drivers and/or victims of accidents and innocent bystanders of roadside emergencies in NSW do not have protection of a law as it is in these other states!

A law needs to be introduced in NSW that requires motorists when they are travelling on any NSW road and are approaching emergency vehicles that are stopped, either on the road or at the roadside, attending an emergency with their warning lights activated to slow to at least 40km/h, if safe to do so. And, if it is a multi-lane road and it is safe to do so, motorists must move across to any adjacent lanes to provide a safety buffer until they have passed the emergency situation. This protection should also be afforded to recovery vehicles such as tow trucks and roadside assistance vehicles for broken down vehicles such as the NRMA if these vehicles are fitted with emergency warning lights.

Due to the lack of action by the NSW Government I have started this petition that has been supported, at last count, by nearly 26,286 people!

Even though a petition created on a site such as is not recognised by NSW Parliament my intention is to raise public awareness and highlight the fact that for nearly 6 years NSW has failed to not only act but to at least keep up with other states of Australia and the rest of the world. 

I have written to the Minister for Roads, the Honourable Melinda Pavey, MP, The Minister for Police and Emergency Services, the Honourable Troy Grant, MP and even the Premier of NSW, Gladys Berejiklian urging them to take action and introduce legislation before another tragedy occurs.

NSW needs to take action now as we are putting lives at risk every day.

I ask that the people of NSW to demand that the Minister for Roads, the Honourable Melinda Pavey, MP  follows the example already set in Victoria, WA and SA and introduce this legislation to the NSW Parliament.

I am hoping that you will see the seriousness of this issue for what it is and share my frustration that after nearly 6 years our emergency service workers are still being put at risk daily, in what is already an inherently dangerous job. And not just our emergency services workers but, as was shown in 2012, two innocent people caught in a dangerous location that were killed in a situation that should never have occurred. 

PLEASE, show your support and help me to get this legislation introduced into NSW by signing this petition.

Please feel free to contact me at anytime if you would like further information or you can join us on our Facebook Group here:

Kind Regards,
Michael Mills 

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