Justice for Phoebe Handsjuk

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Justice for Phoebe Handsjuk

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The Hon. Daniel Andrews (Premier of Victoria) and

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Started by Albert Wong

Following the media coverage about the premature death of Ms. Phoebe Handsjuk, I could not help thinking that the Victorian Police has failed to investigate Ms Handsjuk's death properly in the way they collected the evidences, conducted a full and balance investigation and the presentation of Ms Handsjuk's case to the Coroner Court. The Coroner Court findings, I believe, have not fully considered all aspects of the evidence. 

To give justice due to the late Ms Phoebe Handsjuk, her surviving family members and her friends and for the preservation of justice in Victoria State and in Australia, I urge the Australian public to stand in unity and voice our concerns to the Victorian State Parliament, the ruling Labour government, the Judiciary and the Police force to:

(1) reopen the police investigation and continue the judicial inquiry into the death of Ms Phoebe Handsjuk,

(2) direct more human and material resources into the police investigation and judicial inquiry of the death of Ms. Phoebe Handsjuk so that they are conducted in a full, fair and balance manner without fear or bias,

(3) engage wider and impartial professional expert evidences and opinions in the consideration of the cause(s) of the death of Ms Phoebe Handsjuk,

(4) prosecute the person(s) if any, whom the Police and the Justice Department reasonably believe to have caused her death with the full force of the law without fear or bias,

(5) provide the grieving family, the friends of Ms Phoebe Handsjuk and the Victorian public a fair and impartial report for her death as a closure of this tragedy.

And if necessary, I call upon the members of Victorian community and beyond to exercise our civil rights in staging legal and peaceful demonstrations, public campaigns in all manners to demand the full justice for Ms. Phoebe Handsjuk, her family and friends.

As Dr Martin Luther King, Jr, once said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”.

Let justice and peace prevail. 



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This petition had 184 supporters

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