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Make It Illegal To Take Nursing Babies From Their Mothers & Federal Resolution H.Con 72

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Give baby's their inalienable rights to be with their mothers and protect them from abuse and the trauma of breaking their attachment with their mothers. Breaking an infants attachment with its primary bonding figure, especially if that baby goes to someone it has seen less than a week of it's entire life, is correlated with an increase in drug abuse, mental disorders, and difficulty in school and the workforce.

When a baby was still nursing, a Judge ordered the following order, when the mother had done nothing wrong, and even of all things, had a psych exam showing she was 'normal.' The mother was a highly educated, upstanding member of the community, a regular member of her church and a successful business owner. She did not drink, smoke, do drugs, and her only social activities were baby play dates, swimming, baby yoga, and church.

The problem with this ruling is it sets a precedent that lets other nursing infants be taken from normal, healthy, good moms facing solely slander from rich men who do not want to pay child support. The current law allows for mothers who are primary caregivers to have their children taken from them half the time or even more. This is a tremendous problem and is happening to mother's all over Travis County, Texas.

Do not let this become a precedent where suddenly women are only the vessels to give birth to a baby, but then the baby and children can be taken from their mothers on as little slander as a few wine bottles were in her trash can from a book club. Or a stay at home mom who has done every single bit of care for her three children (ages 3-6) suddenly has them taken by a man who works 50 hour work weeks. All because she could not stand up to his psychological abuse and gas lighting. Or a 7 year old girl who suddenly is ripped from her mother by her father that has seen her once in five years....all because the mother attends AA, but is drug and alcohol free in the present.

The stories like this abound. We need to protect woman's God given ability to bear children. Women are NOT vessels for men's seeds and should not have their rights as caretakers stripped from them by corrupt men who will stop at nothing to break a woman and get revenge for her refusing to have an abortion, refusing to allow her self to be physically or psychologically abused, or refusing to be his partner. The way this law is being enacted allows abusers to take children and then abuse the children in order to indirectly 'abuse' women.

Please do not take this as an anti-man or anti-father petition. I had a wonderful father and love and admire many good, honest, morally upright men who live in light, love and harmony. But our patriarchal culture has gotten out of control and there are many (men) who would see women stripped of even their most basic right...the right to care for ones own child.

What was awarded in this specific case is more than standard possession or even expanded standard possession. This was given to a man who had nothing to do with the baby of his girlfriend after conception...until the mother requested and started receiving for child support when the baby was 9 months old.:


Except as otherwise expressly provided in this Possession Order, THE MAN shall have the right to possession of the child (BABY) as follows:

1. Weekdays –

On Tuesdays, beginning at 5:30 pm and ending at 9:00 am the following Thursday.

2. Weekends –

On the Saturday immediately preceding the first, third, and fifth Fridays of each month beginning at noon (12:00 pm) and ending at 9:00 am the following Monday.

THE MOTHER shall have the right of possession of the child at all other times not specifically designated in this Possession Order for THE MAN.

If you look at these times on the calendar..this meant two weeks of the month, the mother had been separated from the baby for 39.5 hours, then had 51 hours with her nursing baby... then again separated for another 45 hours away from her baby...before she again had 34 hours to again be separated for 39.5 hours (two nights and portions of three days)...and so on. The MAN also got more weekends in a month (45 hours) than the NURSING BABY had with it's mother.

The other two weeks of the month the nursing baby was also away from its mother Tuesday evening to Thursday morning. This left only two times in the month where the Baby was able to see it's mother for five nights in a row.

The father of the child never spoke to her for more than 5 minutes starting at the time he received a letter from the government demanding child support for a mother who dropped out of her PhD program with a terminal Masters so she could give the best care to her baby. He eventually got his lawyers to put in rulings prohibiting the mother from communicating with him or his family.

This is not how to co-parent, nor is it good for a child's well being. Ask the Texas State Legislature to REQUIRE co-parenting classes and co-therapy for parents to learn how to cooperate, instead of ripping infants and children from their home.

Needless to say the year long legal battle has gone downhill for this baby. He has gone months at a time without seeing his mother...and for the past year has seen her less than 24 hours total/month.

Now at 2, he only sees his mother 6 hours a week and two Sundays a month for 10 hours...all because the mother refused to give up her baby, typical of a good Momma Bear. A wild animal would get upset and refuse to turn over their nursing young to a complete stranger...accordingly this mother was unable to follow the court order...for just two weeks...She apologized, came back and begged forgiveness.

But she was not forgiven. She was put in jail. She is currently out on a $100,000 bond. This bond and the restrictions on her are more than most rapists and child rapist's receive. The reason she was jailed? For missing THREE POSSESSION PERIODS OF THE FATHERS.

She did not see her baby for 2.5 consecutive months and did not see him 4 months total out of 9. The other five months she saw him ranging from 1.5 to 12 hours per a week. Now most weeks she sees her baby for 6 hours in two three hour blocks. All this was on supervised...having someone look over her shoulder and correct her constantly like she was a child molester or abuser.

It is true she really screwed up and broke the law (violating a court order and missing THREE POSSESSION PERIODS OF THE FATHER'S.). And she had other crimes as well (as follows). She tried to contact the compassion of the paternal grandmother. She tried to send breast milk. She gave her baby a drug test at one visit, he failed. The father was never forced to take a drug test until 3 months later...and he took it over a month late...the story could continue....but you will have to read the book. She asked where the baby had blue juice when working on speech concepts (Ie she interrogated the baby)....she asked for him to be put in therapy because he stopped talking and regressed in his potty training...

There was no guardian ad litem or custody evaluator during this time.

Currently, the mother is on a 16 yr family court probation and has been sentenced to 6 months in jail if she violates a 'rule.' Rule violation is determined randomly at the whim of supervisors and the father.

She has been indicted on felony in the criminal court, for refusing to turn over her baby for two weeks time (violating a court order and missing THREE POSSESSION PERIODS OF THE FATHER'S.)

Protect mothers and their nursing infants. Ask the Texas State Legislature to make it illegal to take nursing babies from their mothers. As Judge James Arth to REQUIRE evidence before making decisions on babies and mothers facing powerful expensive abusive lawyers hired by wealthy men who do not have their child's best interests in mind.

Ask for Judge James Arth, a single man without children, to be taken off the bench for making unfounded decisions and bringing harm to babies who are nursing by breaking their attachment and not allowing for any period of weaning or step up in visitations with a previously absent and abusive parent to occur.

Ask that Judges in family courts receive mandatory training on infants, children, family violence, attachment theory, and parenting. Currently a Judge in the family court receives no training in any of these subjects.

Ask for the Texas State Legislature to require attorneys to bring any cases regarding children being separated for longer than 1 month to court and make it illegal for a Rule 11 to be decided about a child who is without regular, reasonable visits with the mother or father. This will prevent corruption and manipulation among attorneys who extend cases, at the expense of children for the sake of profit.

A Rule 11 is subject to much corruption because a mother can be 'convinced' that she will get a worse deal in front of a Judge. This structure of making agreements between attorneys allows lawyers to act as Jury, Judge, and even Psychologist and denies individuals and children due process of law.

Finally ask the Texas State Legislature to reduce the penalty from a felony for 'interference with child custody' to a class C misdemeanor, equivalent to an assault, or a class B misdemeanor, equivalent to a DWI. Because a mother scared for a baby is not the same as beating someone up with a baseball bat. Or ask for this law to have exceptions for less than a year time when the child is a baby or when a mother is fleeing abuse.

Ask the Texas State Legislature to dismiss any case where the parent comes back of their own accord in less than three months time. Make a punishment equivalent to a crime and do not punish mothers for following their instincts and their brain chemistry evolutionary designed to protect their young.


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