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Promoting interfaith harmony among all communities in Bangladesh and redressal of minority protection issues. Safeguarding human rights and denouncement of far right ideas propagated in the name of Islam.


Letter to
Prime minister of Bangladesh Prime minister of Bangladesh
HRCBM Bangladesh HRCBM Bangladesh
National Human Rights Commission Bangladesh National Human Rights Commission Bangladesh

Prime minister of Bangladesh, National Human Rights Commission of Bangladesh and HRCBM Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the nations in South Asia with majority Muslim population and its Islamic roots traces to peaceful sufi and other movements in South Asia, much like the contemporary Bhakti Movement from Hinduism. People of Bengal, whether they are from India(West Bengal) or Bangladesh have a unique fabric of tolerance amongst major religions. They have produced many nobel laureates(Both Hindus and Muslims), poets, thinkers and philosophers alike. This land of Bengal is deliberately being turned into violent and intolerant for others. This is quite opposite to the temperament of Bengali people. Who unlike people from other “Islamic” countries, where far-right political doctrines are seeked to be merged with the teachings of Islam, speak out against fanaticism.

It is heartening to know that Judiciary and those at the realm of authority have denounced mixing of religion and politics of hate in Bangladesh, in conformity with the teachings of Islam which asks its believers to protect places of worship of other faiths. The High Court ordered the government to restore the damaged temples, houses and shops in Hathazari to their previous state. Following an altercation between the Hindu devotees and Muslims while passing a mosque on Feb 9, a number of temples were vandalised and torched and a number of houses and business establishments of Hindu minority were looted on Feb 9-10.

We muslims, who seek to live by the standards of tolerance and co-existence as led in Islam hail Bangladesh courts and its civil rights activists. Further we request government of Bangladesh to take concrete steps by creating such democratic and civil rights structures which will permanently address the issue of protection of minority rights. Also, we support any acts of government of Bangladesh and its civil society which will seeks to promote interfaith harmony amongst people of all faiths. We further urge Muslims of Bangladesh to stand side by side with their Hindu neighbors and comfort their grieving hearts in the same manner done by Muslims from Iraq, Nigeria and Egypt where Muslim youth took responsibility of security of Christians to protect them from violent attacks and Caucasus where Muslims have for long co-existed with other faiths and rest of ummah.


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