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Petitioning Jefferson County Board of Health and 3 others

A "Limited Purpose" Permit for PTPC Protects Public and Environmental Health

"JEFFERSON COUNTY PUBLIC HEALTH & ECOLOGY WERE IN AGREEMENT THAT A LIMITED PURPOSE LANDFILL CLASSIFICATION WOULD BE THE MOST APPROPRIATE ONE FOR THIS LANDFILL . . ." - July 19, 2012 letter composed by Dr. Locke to Eveleen Muehlethaler, Vice-President Environmental Affairs, Port Townsend Paper Corporation

Why is Port Townsend Paper Corporation Fighting The Public on a Limited Purpose Landfill Permit for the Mill's Industrial Ash Landfill?

The Port Townsend Paper Corporation's industrial landfill is wrongly permitted as an "Inert" landfill. The mill is alone among all other paper mills in Washington in having an ash landfill permitted as "Inert". Every other industrial ash landfill is permitted as "Limited" Purpose.

An inert permit is for waste that is non-reactive, like gravel. If you put it in your mouth, it wouldn’t hurt you. Instead, the mill’s ash, as alkaline as 12.3 pH, is 10 times more caustic than ammonia. DOE points out that risks to human health and environmental groundwater contamination are in clear violation of the inert criteria law.

A Limited Purpose Landfill (LPL) permit requires groundwater monitoring and assurance of funds to close the landfill in the future. These requirements are necessary to detect problems of contamination at an early stage, and to have the user of a landfill pay for closure instead of a costly cleanup at taxpayer expense.

Letter to
Jefferson County Board of Health
Environmental Protection Agency - R10 Domenic Calabro
Jefferson County Health Officer Dr. Tom Locke
and 1 other
Director, Dept. of Ecology Ted Sturdevant
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Jefferson County Board of Health.

"Limited Purpose Landfill" Permit for PTPC

Tell Dr. Locke, our Public Health Officer, and the Jefferson County, WA Board of Health:  "This is a No Brainer!"

All papermill ash landfills in the State of Washington are operating under "Limited Purpose" Landfill permits (WAC 173-350-400). Only Port Townsend Paper Corporation (PTPC) has an "Inert" Landfill permit (WAC 173-350-410). Both Department of Ecology and Jefferson County Public Health have stated that the correct permit for PTPC is Limited Purpose (LP).

Dr. Locke of Public Health is offering to issue a mongrel "Inert" permit with add-on features. Continuing with an "Inert" permit, in any form, is a mistake. Dr. Locke and Ecology know it! Only a "Limited Purpose" permit has the right requirements to protect public and environmental health, and protect local taxpayers from landfill closure costs.

The Port Townsend Paper Corporation (owned by a $16 billion dollar hedge fund in NYC) has fought and will continue to fight this change. The PTPC is not above the law.

The Public is late coming to the table, but we speak loud and clear NOW. Tell the Board of Health to insist that Dr. Locke do the right thing. The Public wants a Limited Purpose landfill permit for the PTPC landfill in 2012.


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