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UK newspapers should be held to account for extreme bias and telling people how to vote

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For too long we have tolerated extreme bias in the UK press and this year's general election has shown just how far the papers will go to influence voters. In a time where we need facts now more than ever, you'd hope the press would step up and look to differentiate themselves from the swathes of fake news flooding social media accounts. Yes, we understand these are money making businesses that come the with usual vested interests but this general election they have gone too far. 

It is not right that newspapers not only peddle lies but actually go as far to state how people should vote. This is absolutely not ethical. 

Examples 8 June 2017: The Sun "Vote Tory" and The Express "Vote for May today" 

For those that agree this is unethical, a complaint can be made to IPSO. Be specific about your objection (a bland complaint often receives a bland response). I will be highlighting extreme bias, scaremongering and most importantly, the fact that these influential news sources have been explicit in stating who people should vote for

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