Free Christopher Bennett!

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In July 2003 Christopher Lee Bennett broke into Vincent D McDorman house with the intent to get a check Vince had promised to give him if he lied in court against his mother so she wouldn't get custody of the girls living in Vince's care. When Chris broke into the house he heard the youngest who was 6 at the time begging her dad to stop touching her he was hurtting her. Chris ended up killing vince to stop the abuse on his younger sisters. He was given 3 life sentences being 600 years each giving him 1800 years he has to spend in jail. 

CPS refuses to remove the girls from the home where they was physically and sexuality and emotionally abused by their father. If chris had not broke in that night and heard his little sisters cries for help it would have gone unnoticed and they would have had to endure more years of abuse please sign and share to bring this hero home.