Stop fur farm from exploiting and killing Endangered Gray Wolves for Their Fur

Stop fur farm from exploiting and killing Endangered Gray Wolves for Their Fur

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June 14, 2019 UPDATE: Court Rules Gray Wolves With Some Dog Genes are Protected by Endangered Species Act

Read the Defendants’ Motion for Summary Judgment

The Animal Legal Defense Fund and the Lockwood Animal Rescue Center filed the lawsuit in 2017 against Fur-Ever Wild, a Minnesota-based business, alleging that the facility displays wolf pups in a petting zoo and later skins them for their fur.

In October the Animal Legal Defense Fund sued Fur-Ever Wild, based in Minnesota, for violating the Endangered Species Act by killing grey wolves. Fur-Ever Wild owner Teresa Petter is accused of exploiting wolves as puppies, by selling “pet n’ play” sessions to the general public. When the wolves get too old to handle, Petter kills and skins the wolves — selling their fur pelts in the gift shop.

Shut Down Fur-Ever Wild





“Fur-ever Wild” sounds like a cute place to take the whole family. Described as an educational petting zoo, “pet-and-plays” with wolf puppies are still allowed if you "volunteer". They advertise it will only cost you $20 dollars for 20 minutes. For the puppies, it will eventually cost them their lives.

The wolf pups are trotted out for cute photos. Once the pups are too old for the “pet-and-plays,” they will be introduced to captive wolf packs  and eventually killed for their fur. The truth is “Fur-ever Wild” is just a side business of a fur farm. Before they make money on the furs of the animals, they exploit them for more profit at these petting zoos.

We must stand against such exploitation and cruelty. No matter where you live, we need your support.

Before the wolf pups are put in the arms of posing children and adults, they are taken from their mother after they are only days old. Their eyes haven’t even opened when they are removed. It’s a start of a horrible journey “Fur-ever Wild” won’t be broadcasting to their guests. When "volunteers" give their $20 dollars they will have no idea they are financing the death of the very pups they want hold.

A business model built on breeding animals for such a fate in inhumane and should be stopped. Together we can stop “Fur-ever Wild” from expanding and send a message to similar businesses their time is up.

Tell Lakeville, MN to shut down “Fur-ever Wild”. Please sign and share our petition today.

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 200,000!
At 200,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!