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A fair patron limit for Sauce Brewing Co's taproom

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In response to the actions of a local developer, council are asking Liquor & Gaming to reduce the patron capacity at Sauce Brewing Co's taproom from 200 to 60. Council also wish to prohibit Sauce from offering alcohol not produced on-site (e.g. a glass of wine would be prohibited).

Sauce are proposing a compromise of 100 patrons, which we believe is more than reasonable.

If the taproom is limited to 60 patrons, it would be a devastating result for the business, its customers, and the local area. 

The venue would be desolate and empty. It would no longer be a happy place. We may as well close the beer garden as 60 people would not even fill the indoor area.

Customers would be turned away at the door, and be left to roam the streets, aggravated and unhappy, which impacts the peace and quiet of the local area.

Customers would avoid visiting the brewery if they thought they might be turned away at the door.

The team at Sauce are already having to refuse future bookings for groups, due to the possibility of the patron limit coming into effect. This is devastating for the owners who simply wish to offer a unique brewery & beer tasting experience, to locals and tourists alike.

The taproom and beer garden has been setup as a family friendly space. Catering for families and children ultimately leads to less alcohol consumption per head, and a better behaved crowd, than a warehouse full of blokes drinking beer (please forgive the sexist generalisation). With families and family groups, come the occasional non-beer drinker. Just as Sauce offer soft drinks and low-alcohol options for designated drivers, and juice and snacks for kids, so too should they be able to offer a glass of wine to a member of the group who doesn't like beer.

If council's new limits were to be imposed, the owners would need to revise their plan for the taproom, to focus solely on beer-drinking (i.e. paying) customers. The family-friendly atmosphere would be lost. 

If council wishes to promote the Inner-west as a beer tourism destination, it must support the local businesses who are promoting just that. By imposing such severe restrictions on trade, they place the business, the employment it generates, the amenity of the area, and the Inner-west's reputation, in jeopardy.

We call on Council, and Liquor & Gaming, to agree to Sauce's very reasonable compromise on patron numbers, and to agree to the sale of alcoholic products not produced on site.

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