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The Return of a Superhero

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We are requesting for A&E Network to bring back their new TV show,Akil The Fugitive Hunter, effective immediately. Unlike other shows featured on the A&E Network, Akil The Fugitive Hunter displays a constructive and positive image of an African-American male who fights crime and works tirelessly to shield his community from danger.

Akil the Fugitive Hunter should be reinstated to the A&E Network without delay and returned to On-Demand, A&E’s app, and website. Akil The Fugitive Hunter had a monumental impact which inspired countless viewers. The show is widely regarded as “ so good for the people ” and “ a clever production with action, intelligence, and heart .” Akil provides children and adults alike with the opportunity to see a real life superhero. The world needs to know that superheroes really exist! They don't wear capes and tights. They wear regular clothes and walk among us. They are not superheroes because they can fly or stop a bullet with their teeth. They are superheroes because they fight for justice and do what's right in the face of adversity! Akil is doing that!

Many are wondering if the abrupt removal of Akil The Fugitive Hunter from the airwaves is racially motivated. This would not be the first time A&E has been in the midst of racial undercurrents. Back in January, the network came under fire after people learned they allegedly paid Ku Klux Klan members hundreds of dollars to star in a documentary called “Escaping the KKK,”. Why was the A&E Network comfortable with airing a show about one of the most infamous racist groups in America, yet uncomfortable with a beloved show starring a heroic, African American Akil? 

The cast of Akil The Fugitive Hunter has been involved in zero scandals, unlike the star of A&E Network’s Dog The Bounty Hunter, Duane Chapman, who went on a racist rant against his son’s black girlfriend, yet his show remained on the air and reruns are still being played. Why did A&E Network fail to cancel Chapman’s show when one of the main reasons for cancellations stems from controversies involving the show’s cast? Since A&E allowed for Dog The Bounty Hunter to air after Chapman’s racist, bigoted tirade against a black woman, and still plays reruns on their network to this day, A&E Network owes it to their viewers to reinstate Akil The Fugitive Hunter at once.

Akil The Fugitive Hunter was one of A&E's most unique shows. According to the growing outcry on social media, viewers love Akil’s work for his community and his triumphs as a good guy. The show’s increasing popularity and favorable reviews from fans is more than enough for Akil The Fugitive Hunter to return to the A&E Network.

We respectfully demand the following:

1) Return Akil The Fugitive Hunter to the A&E Network, website, app, and On-Demand
effective immediately.

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