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A Demand That Courage Campaign Condemn LGBT Blog Americablog Racial Attacks


On July 12,2010, John Aravosis of Americablog published a post titled "Does the White House not understand that a black president cannot institute a policy of segregation? Apparently they don’t." 

In the post he asserted that the White House and the Pentagon are currently examining "segregation options" for gays in the military in addressing the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. The claim itself is an out and out lie. It was immediately refuted and dismantled that same day by Chris Geidner of Washington DCs Metro Weekly in his post, "Absolutely" No Segregation Being Considered, Pentagon Spokesman Says. 

This however, is not the first time Mr. Aravosis has purposely lied on the White House and President Obama to create race based animosity towards President Obama among his primarily white gay male based readership. There are countless examples where Mr. Aravosis has lied, manipulated the facts, and highlighted the president's racial background as basis for his attacks.

We are appalled not only at Aravosis’s race-centered attacks on Barack Obama but his insistence at pitting blacks against gays when he engages in attacking the President. All of this has being going on yirtually unchecked since the President won the election in 2008; before he was even sworn in. 

Mainstream gay organizations such as HRC, EQCA and the National Task Force, all very aware of Americablog's race baited rants have said absolutely nothing in objection to Americablog's offenses against the President and the African American community. 

Nonetheless this last time, Aravosis outdid himself. 

We are stunned at his uncalled for disrespectful use of images showcasing black humiliation in the South prior to the Black Civil Rights Movement to make mockery of the African American experience as an oppressed people in the United States.

Organizations such as Courage Campaign, knowing that this man has repeatedly lied and attacked Barack Obama in a racial fashion, has and continues to form partnership with John Aravosis and his blog despite our own pleas for Courage Campaign to publicly denounce Americablog and its racist publishings and practices. 

Please sign the petition demanding that Courage Campaign issue a public statement denouncing the race based attacks on President Obama by Americablog and severing ties completely with Americablog's John Aravosis. 

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