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"A Better Way": Support an Alternative to Super Wawa in Conshohocken

If a Super Wawa is approved in Conshohocken, the borough could approve an amendment to the Residential-Office zoning district.  The Super Wawa would become your neighbor.

Letter to
Conshohocken Borough Council
Are you aware that Wawa is seeking the borough of Conshohocken’s approval to develop a Super Wawa at the EF Moore Chevrolet dealership on Fayette Street? Misinformation has led some folks to believe it is a done deal. It is not. So, what’s at stake? If approved, the borough could approve an amendment to the Residential-Office zoning district. The Super Wawa would become your neighbor.

A coalition of residents, local business owners and real estate professionals has formed a new grassroots network to generate conversation about the future of Conshohocken. We are the Conshohocken Revitalization Alliance (CRA). Our goal is to build a consensus around the future development of Conshohocken that preserves and is consistent with the historic character of the community, protects old and welcomes new businesses, and stimulates the local economy. Would you support this?

Conshohocken is at a tipping point. It can either grow from its base of local retailers or become strip mall America. The Conshohocken Revitalization Alliance believes a Super Wawa will lead us in the latter direction and does not fit the complexion or the character of the community for the following reasons:

1. A Super Wawa will create an increase in traffic, light and noise pollution and pose safety hazards

2. It will reduce residential property values in the upper end of Conshohocken

3. A Super Wawa requires rezoning district commercial which would usher in big-box retailers

4. It is inconsistent with the character and complexion of residential community

5. It does not conform to the requirements of the community’s Revitalization Plan

6. It will siphon income from the community and reduce competition among independent retailers

7. It may drive community towards strip malls and away from community retailing

We believe these issues raise serious concerns about the merits of Super Wawa in the borough of Conshohocken. Approval of such a development would establish a dangerous precedent, forever transforming the character and complexion of the community’s commercial corridor.

There is a better way. The Conshohocken Revitalization Alliance is producing alternative development options that respect the borough’s historic urban character and are consistent with the community’s revitalization plan. We encourage you to join our cause and voice your opinion. So, how can you help?

In the coming days, we will organize public meetings and events to share critical information and exchange ideas about what our community should look like. Can we count on your support?

If you are interested in learning more about development of Conshohocken’s main street district, please join our group on Facebook, email or call 1-866-981-6854.

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