Stand with tha Truth! The Rap Legend deserves our support, stop the Urban One Ban now!

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For the last decade, Trae Tha Truth has been banned from all Radio One of Texas II, LLC and Urban One Entertainment, LLC. outlets and radio platforms. The Houston Rap Legend, Trae Tha Truth is widely known by his fans as a public figure who provides exceedingly for his city. Every year, he hosts “Trae Day” in which residents meet their favorite celebrities, receive financial assistance, scholarships, immunizations  shots, and school supplies amongst many other things for free! 

Unfortunately, an on-air employee at Houston’s Urban Hip-Hop and R&B Station 97.9 The Box reportedly blamed Trae for causing a shooting that went down at the 2009 celebration. Over the years, Trae has accused The Box’s parent company Radio One/ Urban One—which is reportedly the biggest radio broadcast outlet in the world—of blackballing him and banning his music from all of the urban radio stations after the incident even though it was proven that he had no connection to it.  The ban isn't limited to just radio, but all events associated with the brand, their partners and Sister-Stations.  This keeps Trae from being able to participate in tour dates, music partnerships with other artists and labels, making it impossible to advertise or promote tours associated with the rapper or his label. Countless of people have been affected by this ban. Businesses can not partner with Trae, reason being, the radio advertisement can not display his name nor can the internet promotion display his likeness.  

Many years, Trae has stood up for Texas, and our surrounding neighbors!  The time is now to return the favor, and show our support for our Hometown Hero! We need to let Urban One/Radio One know that this type of unfair treatment will no longer be tolerated or accepted! #STANDWITHTHATRUTH and help us end this ban today!