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TLC and Sharp Not Give Nicole another Contract for her Domestic Abuse

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On November 26, 2017, TLC broadcasted an episode of 90 Day Fiance S06E08 - entitled Out of Nowhere.  The episode showed a cast member named Nicole who physically and brutally attacked a fellow cast member.

This show premise is American citizens travel abroad to find a partner and then bring them to the United States to marry.

In this particular episode, Nicole goes into a tirade and pushes, shoves, attacks, threatens and used other forms of abuse towards her Moroccan fiance Azan (AKA Hassan M'raouni).  The production staff refused to intervene or in any shape manner or form stop the abuse and the vicious attack on him.  During the attack the production staff continued to film allowing the attack to continue.

Due to the nature of violence in the USA, to help end this cycle of domestic abuse TLC and Sharp Productions need to cease any and all contact and employment with Nicole immediately and refuse to allow her to be on any future episodes of 90 Day Fiance or any other production of any reality show in the future.  Likewise, TLC and Sharp productions should offer an apology to the fans of the show for allowing such violence to be shown on television.  Domestic assault should not be tolerated nor glorified in order to make ratings.

Domestic abuse and violence is a horrendous atrocity that happens in the USA and around the world and it must stop.  Such abusers should be sent to prison and have mandatory counseling to ensure the cycle of abuse ends. 

Signing this petition we ask that TLC end her employment and cease to allow her to appear on any future episodes of 90 Day Fiance and/or future reality shows.  This type of behavior must stop immediately

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