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80 Elephants Will Be Shot Unless We Move Them.

This petition had 25,360 supporters is petitioning Johan Kruger, who oversees the Atherstone Nature Reserve in South Africa, to not kill the 80 elephants who live there.

Please sign this petition asking him to not kill them.

Mr. Kruger claims they are creating an ecological imbalance and therefore must be killed or moved.

He has filed a request for a cull permit with the Republic of South Africa to kill them all.

We, at, are in a rush to move them to safety right away.

Our board member, Dr. Wouter van Hoven, is giving us expert guidance. Dr. van Hoven is one of the world's foremost experts in moving elephants. In fact, he was the hero of a National Geographic TV special in which a large herd of elephants were airlifted from Botswana to Angola with the generous help of the Russian Air Force.

We have found a home for all 80 elephants! It is in concert with our mission of, "Ensuring a safe, natural environment for all elephants." They will be able to roam freely with their families, safe from hunters and poachers.

But they're not safe yet.

This is an urgent matter of life and death so we need your signatures asking Johan Kruger not to kill these elephants. And, please post this petition on FaceBook, Twitter and tell all your friends, relatives, coworkers and neighbors.

Thank you!

Phillip Hathaway, Founder and Chairman,

Wikipedia reports that, "Atherstone Nature Reserve is a 23, 500 hectare reserve situated close to Dwaalboom, in the Limpopo, province in South Africa. The reserve consists mainly of vast savannah plains with bushveld and Kalahari grasslands eco-systems. Besides antelopes, zebras and giraffes, the black rhino and elephants are two of the highlights of Atherstone."

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