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7 Yr Old Girl Abducted, Raped & Murdered by Prominent Architect in Bogota, Colombia

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Lamentably, Cristina Plazas, director of the ICBF -Colombian Institute of Families & Children, is right when she says that the country of Colombia has a record of giving benefits to child abusers and rapists. All around the country, families have lost their peace knowing that violent criminals who have committed sex crimes, rapes, tortures, and homicides, enjoy at the moment their house for jail, or house arrest, status, because of their prominent social status, while their crimes are swept under the rug. The alarming part is the fact that in most known cases, lawmakers and local authorities, and judges, are afraid of convicting and enforcing any type of law on some of these criminals because they are afraid to lose their lives. Many famous cases are registered where witnesses and judges start dropping dead, shot, everywhere. It's time to take these crimes seriously, specially violence and murder against children and young adult women. It is time to have the death penalty in Colombia for crimes that involve abuse and homicide of an innocent child, and vulnerable young women.

We need international organizations and people around the world to take notice of the corruption that takes place in Colombia within the judicial system, threatening the rights of children and women. We need you, citizens of this world who know that race, sex and nationality does not matter when it comes to defend our own human rights and the rights of those who are more vulnerable. The crimes we are talking about go beyond violating all human rights, breaking the law and mocking justice.

The latest violent crime was reported a few days ago in the capital city of Bogota, Colombia, against a 7-year old indigenous child. This past December 4th, 2016, the social media outlets spread the news and Colombians were left with mixed emotions of anger, sadness, helplessness, and overall the fear that this will be another case that will be swept under the rug.

Security cameras captured a truck driven by Rafael Uribe Noguera, a prominent architect of Bogota, entering and leaving a humble neighborhood called Bosque Calderón Tejada. The cameras registered the moment he was exiting the neighborhood having just abducted 7-year old Juliana Samboni. Police found out later that the truck was registered in Uribe Noguera's sister-in-law's name. Reports say that the girl was playing outside her home when Rafael Uribe Noguera approached her from his truck to ask a question, and when Yuliana got closer to the truck he suddenly pulled her inside and took off. The parents, who didn't have the means to follow the truck, were left behind suffering desperately and wondering what was going to happen to their little girl. They said it was impossible to catch up with the truck by feet, though they and some neighbors tried. They immediately alerted the local police of the abduction. Hours later the truck that the police was looking for was reported to have been seen in the Clínica Vascular Navarra (Clinic)- Calle 106 con Autopista Norte. And certainly, it was Rafael Uribe Noguera's truck, who had checked himself in the clinic after he committed the crime, claiming cocaine overdose, and leaving the lifeless body of little 7-year old Yuliana Samboni naked with signs of abuse and rape in his apartment, located in the high class neighborhood of Nueva Granada, in the very pompous Chapinero community.

Reports said that 38-year old Rafael Uribe Noguera had called a friend from the clinic to let him know what had happened. Later on in the investigation it was confirmed that he had called his brother, Francisco Uribe, a recognized attorney of Bogota. It is also confirmed that his sister appeared in the scene of the murder at the apartment where the body was found, and is believed to be the responsible for 'cleaning' the body of Yuliana from the abuse, tampering with evidence and disrupting the investigation. Police confirmed that little Yuliana's body had signs of torture and sexual abuse, and her death was caused by asphyxiation.

At the clinic, Rafael Uribe Noguera was immediately asking for house arrest, or "house for jail" -as it is known in Colombia. Recent reports point at his family doing the impossible to make sure he doesn't pay for his crime. His brother recently gave a false testimony (please see the updates below this post). This is why people in Colombia fear what seems to be the inevitable and the 'norm', in a country where justice is a joke... another crime that may get swept under the rug... Help us to fight back.

We ask everybody around the world, to please sign this petition in memory of 7-year old Yuliana Samboni, a beautiful, joyful, little first grader, whose life was taken away in the most violent way. We want to remember Yuliana because many of us are parents, sisters, brothers, uncles, aunts, grandparents, cousins, friends, of a little girl just like Yuliana... and we would be devastated and seeking justice if something like this would happen to one of our close little ones. We want to make sure there are no more stories like Yuliana's. Not one more. Our prayers go to the family who suffered such tremendous loss. May God give them the strength they need to go through this trial, and the Holy Spirit the comfort and the assurance that little Yuliana is an angel in heaven, where she can't be hurt anymore, and she is with the Lord.

We hope that the voice of the international community is loud enough to bring justice. We hope that Human Right Watch gets involved. We look forward for the Fiscalia Colombiana to handle this case with all ethics and with the heavy weight of  law and justice, knowing that the world is watching. We hope that this crime is not another Colombian crime swept under the rug. We hope that one day very soon the death penalty and lifetime in prison are implemented in Colombia. We pray you sign this petition and let the crafters of corruption know the world is watching...

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