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6 Pokemon Problems & Requests

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updated one 19/08/2017 :-

Niantic, please read the 'BIGGEST CONCERNS/SOLUTIONS' regarding our game right now that need addressing in PokemonGo:

Concern/Solution 1: Health & Revive Potions should be reduced/removed from 'Raids Rewards' System, we should NOT invest Raid Passes on common items that can be obtained by PokeStops. Just INCREASE PokeStop drops without compromising Raid Passes.

Concern/Solution 2: Everyone dislikes the New Gym System. It's NOT fun in taking-down the Pokemon with low CP. (This issue of players using low CP Pokemon these days is the result due to High CP Pokemon having too much Motivation Decay Rate). Please DECREASE the Motivation Decay Rates for them by 50%.

Concern/Solution 3: 'Disabled' Legendary Pokemon are depressing many players around the world. What is the point of legendary power & not being able to use it? Please ENABLE them for Gyms with the 1 Legendary per Gym to form balance & revive Gym excitement.

Concern/Solution 4: The way the 50 Coins (Daily Claim) works is really poor. Players, hardly ever get paid, because their Pokemon get stuck for days/weeks, until they get their reward after their Pokemon is knocked-out, which is discouraging to even bother with this system. AUTO-PAY players (local time 00:00am) after MAX time (8hrs,20min) has been reached.

Concern/Solutions 5: Rural players continue to SUFFER the most as they'r the most affected by lacking in-game activity for Raids/Gyms/Captures.. as there is not enough around their areas. Please scatter more PokeStops/Gyms/Spawns!

Concern/Solution 6: Monthly Rewards System should be implemented & only the most active, playing a specific 'X' amount of time each 30 days straight, should be auto-offered 5 SPECIAL items: 1x MasterBall, 1x Premium Raid Pass, 1x Lucky Egg, 1x Incubator & 1x Incense. All items should be added even with MAX bag space. This would aid strugglers & interest players to stay active.

Thank-You, and please help improve our game as it has the potential for many years of success, ahead! 



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