Hire Back Beloved DJ Liz Jeressi from 94​.​3 The Point - The Community Needs Her!

Hire Back Beloved DJ Liz Jeressi from 94​.​3 The Point - The Community Needs Her!

December 3, 2020
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Started by 5Help Foundation

Beloved NJ radio personality Liz Jeressi was fired by 94.3 The Point after 33 years on air! You have known her as Lou & Liz and have listened to her as part of your daily commute or morning routine. Liz isn't just an outstanding radio personality, she has helped the community, those with special needs, and many nonprofits by sharing their mission with listeners and readers to her blog.

The reason given by Mr. Erik Hellum, Townsquare's COO for local media, is to "make a few changes." The three radio stations, where they also fired 3 other beloved personalities, Andy Case & Chris Varacchi, both of 105.7 and Justin Louis of 92.7 state the reason for the firing is so that these stations could make the three stations "the best stations they could be."

Mr. Hellum, we are teens who started 5Help Foundation who Ms. Liz has helped and we want you to know this decision is wrong and is not in the best interest of your listeners. You are correct when you state that "listeners have a strong bond with local personalities, something that makes local radio special." Ms. Liz is special!! Please reconsider your decision and hire her back!! We all make mistakes, Mr. Hellum. Please hire Ms. Liz back!!

Please everyone, share this! If you, your nonprofit, or business have been helped by Ms. Liz in any way, please sign and share!

If you need to reach us, please either go to our website at www.5help.org or our FB business page 5Help Facebook Business Page. We can also be emailed at contact@5help.org.

Here is a recent article Ms. Liz wrote about us. We have to try to help her!


UPDATE: We just heard about Michael who is 7 and in 2nd grade, and we know there are so many more people who relied on Ms. Liz. Here is his story to show how much he has been negatively impacted.

"Most of you are aware of our Michael’s love of music and the radio. Since he was very little he has been carrying around his own radio and tuning in to 94.3 The Point
to listen to the Lou and Liz
show every single morning. M is a unique kid. He has NF1 which means that more than the average kiddo Michael needs predictability and routine.

You’re probably also aware that over the last year Michael has developed a personal relationship with Liz. When I reached out to her to let her know how important she was to our boy she got right back and made it her mission to make him feel important and special. Liz brings such care and compassion to her work and actively looks for ways to support the Jersey Shore community members, like Michael.

Below is a journal entry written by Michael and a video of his reaction when he learned the news of Liz’s firing. (Both shared with his permission.)

Please help us communicate our sadness and outrage by signing the petition below. Please also contribute what you can to the fundraiser started to support Liz and her boys. Feel free to share this post to help get the word out."

Link to follow coming soon.








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Signatures: 860Next Goal: 1,000
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