500 Nazi Scalps

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500 Nazi Scalps

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Dear Twitter,

Short version:

You have a Nazi problem.  We have a Nazi solution.

We've gathered the top 500 Nazi and white supremacist accounts on Twitter.  We listed them. We'd like them gone.  We'll be checking in weekly to see the progress to goal.

You started kicking Nazis off Twitter.  It's your policy and it's a good idea.  Profiting off high engagement users is a bad look when they're Nazis.

We're here to make sure you finish what you started. 

tl;dr version:

As you know, Twitter is brimming with active Nazis who use your platform as a tool to recruit members, spread hate, and harass other users.

In the past several years, this problem has turned from a disturbing joke into a more disturbing reality.  Racists and neonazis have consciously used issue coalitions to spread hate, recruit new members, undermine basic values of decency and honesty, and actively hound folks who would counter their message.

Refreshingly, you've started to act on these problems.  Your ban on Tila Tequila, for instance, demonstrated that you're devoted to expunging open Nazis from your platform.  Since you've added a policy against hate speech, folks who openly call for genocide and racism have been put on notice.  That's a good step to fulfilling your civic responsibility and recognizing that social media services aren't just content-neutral media.

But that's not enough.

Despite these efforts, thousands of Twitter users continue to spread disinformation, abuse, and Nazi propaganda through your network.  It's not subtle.  When someone uses a #1488 hashtag or expresses their violent thoughts on the JQ, they're clearly engaging in hate speech.

We want to help you solve this problem.

We've assembled a list of 500 prominent Nazi and white supremacist Twitter accounts.  It's technically easy.  Here's the list.

We've also assembled the tools to automatically check on your progress to goal.  About every week, we will update the sheet to see if we're on the same page.

It's been widely noted that 2016 was a rough year for a lot of people.  We want 2017 to be better, and we think you have an important role to play in that effort.

Thanks for reading!

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This petition had 475 supporters

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