43,000 New York kids will be sexually abused in 2017. Help Governor Cuomo protect them.


More than 43,000 children will be harmed by sexual abuse this year in New York State; and that will happen next year too unless we help Governor Cuomo get the Child Victims Act passed. Please add your name now.

Here’s the story of just one sex abuser, how the law protected him and put hundreds of other children at risk.

Louise VanWie, one of New York’s most dangerous sex offenders, is about to be released back into the community whose innocent children he preyed on. In 1997 when VanWie was charged with sexually abusing four children, police said he admitted to abusing hundreds of others. Authorities were inundated with phone calls from other victims. But, New York’s strict, five-year statute of limitations for sexual abuse cases stopped the police from charging VanWie with additional crimes. If they had charged him with hundreds of additional crimes his release would not be an issue today.

VanWie is only an exception because he was prosecuted. Nine out of ten sex offenders remain free on our streets, and even when they are reported there is nothing, absolutely nothing that the police can do about it.

Here are the facts:

  1. Currently 1 in 5 (22%) children are sexually abused (Source CDC) [1] 
  2. It takes survivors an average of 21 years before they can disclose their abuse [2]
  3. Only 1 in 10 (10%) of people who sexually abuse children will see a day behind bars [3]
  4. Because they are protected by NY State laws called statutes of limitations.

What makes this worse, despite the VanWie case and countless other examples, state lawmakers have refused to change the statute of limitations, one of the shortest in the nation. New York bars child victims from proceeding with criminal charges or civil litigation once they turn 23.

Help Governor Cuomo protect our children. Add your name to this petition now.

Click this link for more information including how to protect your children from monsters like VanWie.

Click this link to protect children in Pennsylvania too.


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