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Restore Stacy Harris' Right As a U.S. Citizen to Own Her Own Home

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Through a series of legally-unprecedented events, and in the absence of foreclosure, any other debt or criminal conduct, Stacy Harris, who owned her Windsor Tower condominium home of nearly 35 years, lost full equity in her home and was put out on the street!    

A member in good standing of the 4215 Harding Road Association, Ms. Harris’ Nashville home was seized (though she retains the deed to her home) by the Association's Board of Directors (without a vote of the homeowners) in clear violations of the takings clauses of the constitutions of the United States and the state of Tennessee.

Ms. Harris was a whistle-blower and these retaliatory actions were the result of alleged conduct that had no basis in fact, but was "proven" by an outrageous mixture of perjury, sabotage and doctored evidence; this all aggravated by the fact that, though, she hired an attorney, for reasons that are equally unbelievable, she was forced to proceed pro se before another attorney, hired to undo the legal mess, abandoned all of his clients, Stacy Harris among them.

All the while Ms. Harris offered, in writing, to reimburse any neighbor claiming damages.  Those same individual emails contained an apology and request for forgiveness should the recipient feel either or both were in order.

Stacy Harris received only one response and that was a neighbor's expression of support.

After Ms. Harris spent thousands of dollars in home improvements, legal fees- the Association’s and her own- simply to keep her home, the Association inexplicably gutted Stacy's condo before “selling” it to an investor whose only desire was to make a quick buck by flipping it.

Unable to do so, the investor, retitled the unit in the name of a corporation, removed it from the market,  remodeled and relisted Stacy Harris' unit where it was "for sale"- to anyone other than Stacy Harris!

Another investor purchased the unit but is perhaps learning the truth of its history was unable to flip it until making structural changes that the Board forbade Stacy Harris to make.

We all learn in civics class that a law-abiding citizen who owns a home, free and clear, must only surrender that home in an exercise of eminent domain.  The sanctity of home ownership is so compelling that one's home is also exempt from being seized even when a financially-irresponsible person, which Stacy Harris clearly is not, declares bankruptcy.

In order to clearly establish the obvious, that it is legally impermissible to fail to distinguish between the rights of an owner versus a renter, Stacy Harris is petitioning the 4215 Harding Road Homeowners Association, through its president, William Vaughan, to enter into an Agreed Order to be presented to Davidson Chancery Court Chancellor William E. Young, reversing any and all prior rulings that would prohibit Stacy Harris from moving back to Windsor Tower.

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