Get 3rd Graders Back in School!

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For months, evidence-based scientific articles have circulated as to the necessity for young learners to have in-person education. Our 3rd graders have been fortunate to be in school every day for two hours every day, but based on new information regarding the minimal risks for in-school transmission of COVID-19 and the availability of the vaccine for our teachers, NOW IS THE TIME TO BEGIN PLANNING TO GET THESE STUDENTS BACK IN SCHOOL FULL TIME.  

Kindergarten through 2nd grade have successfully returned full time. There has been ample data presented to the District demonstrating that there is room in the buildings for 3rd grade (and 4th and 5th grades) to return full time, while still maintaining 6 feet social distancing (though it is questionable that the "6 feet rule" is currently in effect and/or will remain in effect for much longer). Our schools have empty classrooms, and we have received NO explanation as to why those classrooms are not being used!

Our 3rd graders need this time in school for their education, social growth, and mental health. Please sign the petition below and forward along. Thank you!