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Return Marilyn Leverette to the custody of David and Jollene Oviatt

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In 2008, custody of Marilyn (now 9 yrs old) was removed from her biological mother and father due to abuse. Custody was jointly given to her Grandmother, Leora Berry and her Great-Aunt, Sue Bemis. They could not take care of her properly, so they signed custody over to Jollene while she was married to Leora's son Scott. (Marilyn's Uncle).Their family consisted of Scott, Jollene, Scott's daughter Lacey, Jollene's son Randy, daughter Maddie and of course, little Marilyn. In December 2009, Scott left Jollene and the kids, including Lacey and Marilyn. Jollene took them both on as her children. In December 2010, Jollene married Sgt. David Oviatt of the United States Army Reserves, who took on the kids as his own, also. Marilyn had visits with her Grandmother and Great-Aunt regularly until they (Leora and Sue) stopped contacting them in April of 2011. Lacey, now an adult and a PFC in the United States Army Reserves, had her name legally changed to Oviatt in July 2012 in steps to divorce Scott as her father and get Jollene (the Family Readiness Group Leader for Lacey and David's Army Unit) and David listed as her legal parents. On June 9th, 2012, Scott and Leora showed up to Jollene and David's home attempting to take Marilyn. They were unsuccessful, thanks in part to the Emery County Sheriffs Department. Unfortunately, they subsequently managed to get a court order in Salt Lake without David and Jollene's knowledge and on July 27th, 2012, showed up with the "legal" right to take her. She was woken up after 10:00 at night and pulled from Jollene's arms crying for her mommy. We believe that they lied to the Salt Lake judge and obtained Marilyn simply to attept to get money from the state for her learning disability. They have showed no interest in Marilyn and she has been happy, healthy and thriving in David and Jollene's home. She needs to be returned to her lovong home, with her loving family who miss her and want her back.

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